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Have You Got What It Takes To Make It Online?

I’ve spent over 10 years in online marketing which is longer than I’ve spent in almost any other job. I think it’s true to say I know this “game” inside out.

During this time, I’ve had thousands of customers many of which I’ve taken the time to get to know.

Some have gone on to become successful marketers and make a full time salary online while living the lifestyle they want.

Others are still where they were 2, 5 or even 7 years ago.

The sad fact is no matter how much help and advice some people get, they will fail to generate a big enough income online to support themselves.

This is incredibly frustrating because creating an online income is easy.

It’s not down to luck, it’s down to perseverance.

Far too many people fail to stick to a plan.

Then they try something, it doesn’t work and they move onto something else.

I lost count of the times someone has said to me;

“Mark, I’ve tried affiliate marketing, kindle, cpa, Facebook advertising, blogging, Adsense, video marketing and none of it works, will SMO work for me?”

I guess the answer to that is no as they won’t stick with it.

As marketers and coaches, the hardest thing for us isn’t getting clients, it’s making clients stick to one thing.

It’s so frustrating to see one person make no money while another who has the same training makes a thousand dollars a day.

In one case, we even had a member make a lot of money using one method, switch to another, and in 8-10 weeks, completely replace the first income.

While in the same timeframe someone else hasn’t chosen a theme for their blog!

Let me tell you a true story.

A few years ago, just before my business partner Pete and I started Serious Marketers Only (The Clue Is In The Name!), Teespring campaigns were all the rage.

Pete wanted to do some T-shirt campaigns for a case study.

He tried a T-shirt he failed.

He tried another he failed.

And another.. fail.

13 times he failed to get a winning t-shirt campaign.

I was trying the same and gave up after 5 attempts. (what an idiot!)

Both myself and his wife were telling him maybe it was time to stop.

He didn’t stop. The 14th was a success..

and the 15th..

and on and on.

Just over a year later, Pete earns over $2,000,000 a month from his e-commerce stores. He has an 80,000 buyers list and he has just purchased a 10,000 sq. ft industrial unit in Colorado.

From 13 successive failures to 1Store, 1 Year , 1 Million Dollars (Pete has several stores all doing very well)

From 13 successive failures to 1 Store, 1 Year, 1 Million Dollars. (Pete has several stores now all doing very well)

Did I mention that while doing this he has been traveling the world?

Australia, South Africa, Spain, Panama, Columbia, Hawaii, the US.

I haven’t told you all that to brag about Pete or SMO, I’ve told you to illustrate that by sticking to something, you will eventually crack it and start to make money.

It would have been easier for Pete to give up and try something else, to buy the next shiny object that came along.

He didn’t because he knew that if other people are making money, then it’s possible for him to also make money. <== That's the secret folks!

By sticking with it, he finally sold 20 shirts.

He knew then that he had started to crack the code.

Within a few months, he’d taken what he learned and applied it to e-commerce.

He cracked the supply chain.

He cracked the advertising methods.

He cracked the process of converting prospects into customers.

He cracked his business turning it into a cash flow positive business where he gets cash in before he has to spend it.

And it all started by not giving up.

So my message to you dear reader is not to give up! Stick with one thing… give it a chance to succeed.

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Last year I released a guide to building a lifestyle business. In it, I talked about Pete’s business model. At that time, he had just earned $100,000 in 90 days.

A year on he’s earning that in under 2 weeks, within a month or two, I suspect that will be his weekly income.

$100,000 a week. Would that be useful to you?

Want to have a bet that at some point in the next year to 18 months he won’t be doing $100k a day?

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    Great commentary Mark! And absolutely true.

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