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Take Action to See Results Now – Case Study with Business Blueprint

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This is a long post. Please don’t let that put you off as it’s a great case study on how taking action can give you excellent results.

This post contains some of the most actionable content you’ll read for a long time.

This post has been recycled and updated and had the blueprint added… it is still 100% valid.

Let’s get started….


I hope that this post will be a wake up call for all of you with ideas and projects that are sitting there waiting to be started or finished.

It was a BIG kick up the backside for me.

A while ago I went to lunch with 2 fellow marketers, Tim Goodwin from LeanGreens and Paul Mort from Iampaulmort, who used to work together in a relatively small niche. They worked with fitness professionals who want to run bootcamps in the UK, as I said, not a massive niche.

Good News – Size Doesn’t Matter

The size of the niche doesn’t really matter. What matters is knowing your customer and knowing what they want. Put yourself in their shoes and think like your potential customer thinks.

Does that customer of yours in the dating niche really want to settle down and get married or does he want a pretty girlfriend so he feels good about himself?

Market to him the wrong way and he’s not a potential customer anymore. Market to him the right way and he’s going to be happy buying products from you for years to come.

I gave you details of Paul and Tim’s niche because I want to show you that you can make a good living online with almost any niche. All you have to do is provide quality products, useful content and give your niche what they really want – not what you think they want.

That’s Tim on the left and Paul on the right

Let’s Do Lunch

As I turned up, Paul said:

“We’ve just launched a new product a few minutes ago. ”

By the time we paid for lunch (well Tim paid to be more precise!) they had sold around 20 products at $97.

The product didn’t exist a few days before. It had been something they had planned for a while but never got around to creating and releasing. On the previous Monday, Tim travelled down from Portugal to Marbella and they filmed the content in various cafes and restaurants in the area, created the sales page, created the delivery method, put it on Clickbank and then launched it in a couple of emails.

That’s really all there was to it.


Let’s for a moment pretend that they only sold 40 copies of this product (they actually sold over 100 copies in 4 days!). We’ll do a bit of rounding up so they make $4000. That in itself isn’t bad for a few days work, but even I’ll admit that it’s not life changing.

However Paul and Tim are the real deal. This product is their new entry level product. They already have recurring income products, physical products and high ticket products. Since the launch, they have gone on to do well over 7 figures.

They are passionate about their niche and they create high quality products that deliver value and turn buyers into repeat buyers.

I am not trying to hype these guys up, they are no different than you or me. They just make sure that they take action and COMPLETE projects. Completing projects on a regular basis has allowed them to earn a good living and do what they enjoy.

This is just some of what Paul & Tim have achieved over the past few years…

  • Attracted over 110 trainers to the most talked about fitness event the UK has ever seen sold at £347 a head
  • Sold 50 copies of a £997 ‘hard copy’ product 
  • Made over 30k on an online product WITHOUT a website or e-book
  • Sold over 200 copies of their own DVDs for fit pros
  • Researched, developed and sold copious amounts of their own supplement – Lean Greens

You don’t do that without taking positive action and following through.

Check out that last item on the list,”researched, developed and sold copious amounts of their own supplement.”

How many times have you thought wouldn’t it be a good idea too… then forgot about it?

As I have already said, Paul and Tim aren’t any different than you and me. I am sure they have had lots of failed projects that have been consigned to the “well at least I learned something” pile. They just make sure they complete all the stages of successful product creation:

Research, Create & Market

Taking Action

I said at the beginning that talking to these guys was a kick up the backside for me. I’d had an idea for a new product outside the MMO (Make Money Online) niche but I’d been thinking of lots of reasons why I shouldn’t do it.

That changed.

Within an hour of returning home from lunch, I had purchased a domain and hired a graphic designer to create some branding for the product. I’d gotten WordPress installed and the theme I usually use had been uploaded.

Finally I created an outline of the product.

The next day I wrote it. I set myself the target of creating at least 1 video a day and writing 2000 words each day. If I missed a day then I’d do double the next day.

Within 2 weeks I had a product I launched on Clickbank and sold for around 6 months. Eventually I sold it to someone who was more passionate about the niche. All in all for around 20 hours work, I earned $27,000. Once again not life changing but it demonstrated to me how easy it was to actually create things people want.

Why not commit to completing a project this month?


Seriously stop making excuses, just do it. It’s really not that difficult, outsource what you can’t do and set yourself a daily goal… then maybe I’ll be writing about a lunch I had with you in a few months time!

Part II – The Blueprint

Back to Paul and Tim.
The first emails they sent generated nearly 60 sales. There was an initial limit of only 40 places but they ended up extending it to 80 places. BUT they rewarded the people who signed up on the first day with an amazing bonus.

There is a lesson in itself.

Lesson 1: If you mess up, make it right immediately.

Market With Your Own Personality

I thought it would be really useful to look at their 2 initial emails as they gave great insight to what is one of the most overlooked aspects of email marketing: using a consistent voice to talk to your subscribers. Be yourself all the time.

Let me give you a bit of a background into the personalities of Paul and Tim so that you you can see why their emails work so well.

Paul can only be described as being full on and in your face. He is always the loudest person in a restaurant and he doesn’t take any prisoners … if you upset him you’ll know about it. That’s his persona and his list responds to that.

On the other hand Tim is incredibly laid back and the total opposite of Paul which is probably why they work so well together. Tim is yin to Paul’s yang. They really are as different as chalk and cheese which is another lesson.

Lesson 2: You don’t need to be the same as your business partners, you just need to complement each other.

One of the strengths of their partnership is that the people on Paul’s list generally wouldn’t respond to Tim’s emails and the people on Tim’s list wouldn’t respond to Paul’s emails.

So let’s have a look at the emails. Given what I’ve already told you, 99.9% of you will be able to tell who sent what email. You’ll probably notice that Paul didn’t include the link… whoops! Although this was a genuine error, it allowed him to send a 2nd email with an intriguing subject line.

You’ll also notice that they don’t promise huge riches, just £1000 – £2,000 extra a month.

Lesson 3:  Only promise what you can deliver and then underplay it.

The Emails: Tim

Subject: Don’t OPEN this, if you already have a successful bootcamp

I’ll keep this really simple today

Want the EXACT system that has built over 100 successful bootcamps?

Going from scratch to 1-2K a month, often in less than 30 days?

Then follow the link below, It’ll take just a few minutes of your time today.

Salespage – Affiliate v2


P.S. 1K a month may not sound like much (not compared to the “6 figures” banded around by those so-called guru’s)

But once learned, this system is idiot simple to replicate!

************************************ ************************************

The Emails: Paul

Launch Email

Subject: If you ALREADY have a successful bootcamp, don’t open this email right now.

Think you could benefit from 1-2k a month from teaching group training programs?

‘Tried’ to startup a bootcamp and it hasn’t quite worked out for you for whatever reason.

You might even be like some of my high-end mentoring students were and don’t really know where to start because theres already a ‘bootcamp’ on every street corner and every park in your town..

Trainers have been asking me to do this for years

I’ve finally gotten around to it.

I’ve been busting my ass for the last few months for a solution for trainers just like you who want to create a fitness business with low overheads and nice profits to support your family and lifestyle.

Trainers who are sick and tired of flying by the seat of their pants and maybe following the latest ‘trends’ which end up being copied by everyone anyway.

I’ve helped launch over 100 bootcamp across the Uk and in Europe.

Some of them VERY unique. Like Tanith Lees ‘Back To Life Project’ or Michael Anderson’s ‘Fat loss For Beginners’

Not your average bootcamp right?

I’ve been in the trenches, i’ve made a lot of money from training big groups of people and I’d love for you to do the same.

You’ve probably been promised the world by other ‘mentors’ before right?

You probably want a step-by-step, BULLET PROOF system that’s worked for my mentoring students right?

Check out what i have to say over here:

PS- i can only let 40 trainers onto this home-study course. Once its full, its full. I can’t do anything about it.

***************************************************** ******************************************************

2nd Email correction

Subject: how to fcsk an email without even trying…

Notice the ‘fsck’ that stands for fitness camp starter kit…
seriously though, here’s the link to what i was talking about earlier


A Complete Business Blueprint

In this post, you have got a complete blueprint for creating and launching products outside the IM Make Money Online Niche even though you probably didn’t know it at the time.

So let’s briefly look at what you should consider:

Find a Niche

Find a niche and someone with a lot of knowledge in it. Paul is the bootcamp king and Tim is a marketing genius. You just need to find someone with knowledge that you can sell.

Sit down and list everyone you know and what their area of expertise is. Someone in that list will probably be ideal.

Know someone who opened a restaurant?

Well I bet there are lots of chefs who would love to go it alone or even set up occasional “pop up” restaurants.

Know a good football coach?

Well I bet there are players who want to learn to coach or school coaches who want to coach better.

What about that woman you know who makes and sells her own soap at farmers markets … hmmmm I wonder what she could teach.

Got an Aunt who’s a dab hand at cake decorating?

I did this exercise 20 minutes ago and came up with 10 possible projects. As we saw in the last post, the niche doesn’t need to be large.

Build a List

This is probably the hardest bit but you don’t need a huge list. You can use Facebook, forums, guest posts, blog posts, offer free reports to people in your niche, buy ads on google and Facebook, etc, etc.

There are all sorts of ways to get people to subscribe. But once they subscribe, make sure you blow them away with quality content and information.

Create a Good Quality Product
This can be an interview, a pdf, videos or all 3. All you need to do is get the knowledge your expert has and put it into a useable format.


The easy bit… send an email to your list and email people who may be interested in promoting it.

80% of the income should come from your list so if the list is good, you don’t need to have affiliates.


There are lots of ways to deliver your product, Clickbank, JVzoo but for ease of use, very little beats Gumroad.

Build Further Products and Services

Masterclasses, coaching, seminars, advanced training… there are so many products you can put together that you can sell for high ticket prices once you prove that you know what you are talking about.

Come and Join myself and Tim in our The Free Lifestyle Marketer Facebook Group.

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