Activecampaign review

ActiveCampaign Review (2021 Update)

Introduction to ActiveCampaign

I've been a long-term user and advocate of Activecampaign for many years, depending on your needs Activecampaign can often be the perfect Email Service Provider. If you want to grow your list and automate most of the tasks then AC is working serious into consideration.

If you just want to send the occasional email then it will be overkill.

The ActiveCampaign marketing platform is one of the most popular tools that is available to clients that are interested in managing their campaigns with advanced features that get the job done.

This review is going to dive into the depths of the ActiveCampaign marketing platform to discover its most impressive features, and to analyze where it stacks up against similar industry competitors.

One of the most interesting aspects of ActiveCampaign’s marketing capabilities is the fact that it is one of the best email automation tools available. This is useful for customers that want to manage large contact lists and send messages using the highly advances automation tools.

The next section of this post will to explore the various features and technology that integrates into Activecampaign. We will also discuss ActiveCampaign Pricing plans, and highlight the included features within each plan.

ActiveCampaign Review

E-mail marketing is one of the most challenging tasks to accomplish effectively, especially with large e-mail contact lists. Automated e-mail marketing is possible with the right tools in place. The good news is that ActiveCampaign has many of those aspects in place for users to take advantage of.

Pricing Options

We can start by looking at the pricing format, which allows users to select how many contacts they want to send marketing messages to.

For example, if you had 1000 e-mail contacts, you could select from four separate ActiveCampaign Pricing plans.

These plans range from as low as $17 dollars per month up to $279 per month, depending on your feature requirements and other specifications.

The Lite Plan

The basic ‘Lite‘ plan includes unlimited e-mails, marketing tools, newsletters, automated features, and free access to customer support.
This is probably the best plan for newcomers and beginners that are looking to establish themselves within the email marketing industry.

Other plans are available some of which might be better for experienced users.

The Plus Plan

The most popular option is the ‘Plus’ plan, which already includes all of the features from the previous option. Besides those features, there is also CRM with sales automation, data integrations, and custom user permissions. You can also take advantage of custom branding and domains.

The Professional & Enterprise Plans

The ‘Professional’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans are for experienced large scale marketing brands that require in-depth marketing analytics and several other advanced features. This includes design services, social data, and unlimited access to all of the tools included in the platform.

Keep in mind, that these two premium plans are higher in price than the two previous options. It is important that you choose the right selection for your personal marketing requirements.

Marketing Features

Lets move on from the pricing plans and talk a little bit more in-depth regarding some of the automated e-mail marketing features that are available. One of the most important integrated features is the ability to broadcast an e-mail to an entire contact list within seconds.

You can access this through the user dashboard that is available in the members area. The dashboard is the control center for all the features you have access to..

You can also setup triggered e-mails, targeted e-mails, and automated responses after certain types of actions. These are useful and can help your contacts feel more connected to your campaigns when they receive the right emails at the right time.

You can also schedule e-mails in the future, which is useful for weekends, holidays, or other important milestones.

Nothing beats setting up those Thanksgiving offers in August!

If you have a website or sales platform that brings in a lot of web traffic, there are also useful tracking tools that can really provide some in-depth analytics to help you improve your marketing. Web site tracking and event tracking can really help to provide you with important information from your visitors.

You can easily determine which pages are most popular and how many individual clicks you are receiving per day. We can then turn these clicks or actions into e-mail marketing messages to help build engagement and loyalty between you and your visitors.

For example if a subscriber spends 5 minutes on a sales page , why not send them an coupon code if they didn’t buy?

In the automation below you can see that I use an automation to add a buyer to a Facebook group that I exclude from all related ads, this means that the minute someone buys a product I stop showing them ads and can start to show them a Thank You message on Facebook

The many automations that you can create in Activecampaign allow you to automate almost anything. To help you keep track of all possibilities Activecampaign provide you with an automation map that shows you how all your automations integrate with each other, invaluable if you are obsessive user of automations. (who wants to work if tools can do it all for you!)

Below you'll find just one of my automation maps try doing this in MailChimp or Aweber. The bottom line is that using automations at the right time will generate you sales.

The last feature that we are going to talk about in this section is the ability to tag contacts within your e-mail list.

This can help you separate different visitors and to send specific messages to certain types of users.You can base this on their interests or actions, which can really ensure that your targeted marketing strategies work.

It can also help to ensure that your contacts don’t receive messages that are irrelevant to them.


The Active Campaign platform has been around since 2003, which proves that they are here to continue building their impressive collection of service plans and features. There are many other marketing platforms that struggle to provide high quality features to their users.

Active Campaign differs from many email service provides because they provide custom service plans that can tailored to the features that you are looking for.

Considering what Activecampaign offer their pricing is very reasonable when compared with other similar services. Besides what we’ve covered there are also several custom plans that we discussed earlier that target different marketing needs. This includes website traffic, online web stores, and video advertising campaigns.


  • Custom Contact List Size
  • Advanced Marketing Tracking
  • Automated E-Mail Responses
  • SMS Campaign Advertising
  • Affordable Pricing Plans


  • Significant Learning Curve
  • Premium Plans are Expensive
  • Limited E-Mail Templates

Final Verdict – ActiveCampaign Review

Now that we have looked at all of the important features and service plans that are available on the Active Campaign marketing platform, it’s obvious there are a lot of impressive services available for users to take advantage of for their marketing campaigns.

There are so many different reasons that you might want to try out their event and data tracking tools. You can certainly begin to improve your understanding of how your visitors act when they look at a page or purchase an item. You can also setup automated or scheduled e-mails that only get sent to your contacts when necessary.

The workflow is probably the most significant feature that you should think about when considering ActiveCampaign for your email marketing needs. The final verdict for this platform is positive, especially if you are willing to take some time to get through the difficult learning curve. That is really one of the only major setbacks, besides the expensive premium feature plans.

One final aspect that we haven’t covered so far, is the fact that their good customer support is useful when you have  questions about using Activecampaign. They are helpful and responsive, and can often provide technical help is as little as a few hours.

With new support centers in Europe and Australia support times will get even better.

Now is a great time for you to kick-start the launch of your very own marketing campaign, by visiting the Active Campaign and selecting one of their affordable e-mail marketing plans to get started!



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