Skyrocket Your Pinterest Growth with Tailwind

Skyrocket Your Pinterest Growth in Just 4 Hours a Month with Tailwind

How to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Growth in Just 4 Hours a Month with Tailwind?

Looking for an underestimated market of users who are looking to be motivated to buy? With 150 million+ users, Pinterest is the perfect platform for bloggers and small businesses to boost their reach. Check these stats:

  • 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases; and
  • 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline.

The key is using Pinterest to seamlessly integrate unique ideas (what makes your business different) with actual solutions (your products/services). But how to utilize this platform without spending hours figuring out a strategy? To fast track your success, I've created a simple Pinterest schedule that helps you work smarter not harder.

With a small investment (we're talking $10 per month), and just 4 hours a month you can introduce Pinners to your products/services and skyrocket your growth.

Tailwind Pin Scheduler

The first thing you need to make the most of your time is a Pin scheduler. There are tons of different platforms but the one I've found the most user-friendly and efficient is Tailwind. Before committing, I recommend everyone try the free trial of Tailwind. (Full disclosure, this is an affiliate link that will give both you and I $15 to use on Pinterest after you sign up, win-win!).

You'll get 30 days to test it out, learn how to use the scheduler, have access to analytics. After 30 days, you can buy the Plus Plan for either $120/annually (which breaks down to $10/month) or $15/monthly.

Below is a plan for bloggers, businesses, etc. who already have a business account on Pinterest. If you're looking to get started on Pinterest, I highly recommend Summer Tannhauser's free Pinterest course.

Skyrocket Pinterest Growth In Just 4 Hours Per Month

Without further ado, this is my breakdown of how to boost your Pinterest growth while spending the least amount of time possible.

Week One Schedule

Monday – 60 minutes – Content Creation

Tuesday – 15 minutes – Pin Collection

Wednesday – 15 minutes – Tailwind Scheduling

Total: 90 minutes

Week 1 is all about content creation, specifically big picture marketing. Original content is by far the best method to quickly grow your following and more importantly, traffic to your site.

On Monday, spend 60 minutes creating blog promos. This introduces new users to your product/area of expertise and sends them directly to your site. It's important to create pins that compliment your branding. Your company name or website should be on every pin. Here are some ideas for inspiration:


You don't have to be a graphic designer to create great content! For those of you who are designing your own graphics, I can't recommend Canva enough. Pre-fab templates let you plug and design quickly.

Pinterest growth

On Tuesday, spend 15 minutes gathering pins that are relevant to your product/service. I recommend at least 30 pins. To make pinning even easier, download the Tailwind Extension (for Chrome). This way you can easily add pins to your queue while you're browsing the internet throughout the week. It also speeds up the process on Pinterest. Simply search for topics and hit the extension to save multiple pins.

Wednesday is a scheduling day. Set up all the pins you created on Monday in Tailwind. Make sure to add hashtags, direct links to your site and a keyword rich description. Don't forget to add your pins (especially your original pins) to group boards as that's where you'll get the highest traction.


Tip: Don't waste your time setting pin intervals. Simply pin them all to your queue and then use the shuffle button to randomize. This saves me at least 5 minutes every time I schedule. You can always drag and drop pins to specific dates if needed.

Week Two Schedule

Monday – 10 minutes – Maintenance / Direct Pinning

Wednesday – 10 minutes – Pin Collection / Direct Pinning

Friday – 10 minutes – Tailwind Scheduling

Total: 30 minutes

In the second week, you're aiming to build your brand appeal. Follow up with comments and add more pins to your boards as well as your drafts.

On Monday, log into your Tailwind account to check on your schedule. Respond to comments people have left on your pins, check your failed pins and republish any that need additional information or are performing well.

Tip: Remember to check on your domain pins and re-pin ones that are getting traction to other boards. I like to keep a list of which pins are working so I can create similar ones in the future.

Spend a few minutes re-pinning (at least 10 pins) to your feed. Scroll through your homepage or search for one of your board topics to quickly find pins you can share. In my experience, taking the time to pin directly on Pinterest even once or twice a week significantly boosts the amount of followers you gain.

Wednesday should be spent on pin collection. Just 10 minutes of focused pin-saving should yield at least 30 draft pins in your queue.

On Friday, spend 10 minutes scheduling. Remember to re-pin the content you created during the first week and I also recommend re-pinning pins that have gotten lots of engagement throughout the week. Don't forget to respond to any comments on your pins.

Week Three Schedule 

Monday – 60 minutes – Content Creation

Tuesday – 15 minutes -Pin Collection / Direct Pinning

Friday – 15 minutes – Tailwind Scheduling

Total: 90 minutes

[thrive_leads id='3593′]

Week three is about focused marketing. Now that you've introduced your audience to your brand and given them useful free information (your blog posts), it's time to narrow in on your products and services.

On Monday for your content creation, I would recommend creating an infographic that expands on one of your posts and 1-3 product promos like the one below.

Tailwind Pinterest

Again, Tuesday should be broken up into collecting new draft pins and pinning directly on Pinterest.

Use Friday to schedule out your pins for the next week as well as respond to comments on your pins. If you have time leftover, as this process starts to speed up, pin 3-5 directly on Pinterest.

Week Four Schedule

Tuesday – 10 minutes – Pin Collection / Direct Pinning

Wednesday – 10 minutes – Pin Collection / Direct Pinning

Thursday – 10 minutes – Maintenance / Tailwind Scheduling

Total: 30 minutes

For the final week, Tuesday is simple pin collection and a few minutes of direct pinning. Aim for 10-20 pin drafts and directly pin 3-5.

On Wednesday, dedicate 10 minutes to adding more drafts and direct pins to your account.

On Thursday you set yourself up to follow the same schedule for the next month (though at this point, you should be ahead in your scheduling). Respond to comments and schedule all your drafts.

Handy Guide

Here's a handy guide to keep in your back pocket when planning out your Pinterest strategy. Feel free to share with anyone you think could use it and please pin!


As the months go by, you can spend less time on content creation (as you will re-publish content) and the process will start to speed up as well. Pinterest users are looking to be inspired, in fact Pinners are 47% more likely to be introduced to new brands and services compared to users on other social platforms. Use this momentum to your advantage and spread your brand's message!

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