Cause and Effect in Internet Marketing

Cause and Effect In Internet Marketing

I am going to get all “back to the future” on you today.

Here is a challenge for you…

Go to your Paypal account, clickbank account, CPA account or AdSense account and check how much you earned today.

How is that looking for you?

Good, OK, or plain bad?

Now forget all about what you earned today, it’s irrelevant, totally and utterly irrelevant.

You see the thing that most of us get wrong is that we look at our balances and think, “cool I earned $500 today.”  That means nothing. The money you earned today was as a result of action you took last week, last month or even yesterday.

See where I am coming from?

What you earn is as a result of something you did in the past therefore you are unable to have any effect on it now.

All you can do is ensure that what you earn in the future is as a result of the actions you take now.

So stop looking at today’s income and start to look at what you can do today to make income in the future.

Most of us look at the effect of what we’ve done. The income and not the cause. I used to do that too but changing my outlook and focusing on the cause had a massive impact on my business.

Now I really want to change your thinking.

Look at these 2 images from one of the case studies I am running at the moment for Serious Marketers Only:










What do you see?


A 360% increase in traffic in the past 7 days resulting in a 600% increase in income.

All that happened because of the action I took which took only 10 minutes. (€329 is around $425)

Now think about what would happen if you took the same action on 2 sites, 5 sites or 10 sites .

Cause and effect stretches far beyond how much you earn. Those 30 new subscribers you got yesterday are going to be the result of the action you took days or weeks ago.


The take away from this post is:

Focus on taking action not checking your income. Try and do at least one thing everyday that will increase your income in the coming months.

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