Convertkit Review

Convertkit Review – Unbiased Review with Pros & Cons

The battle to become the best email marketing automation solutions rages on. It's tougher than ever for companies to stand out in this vertical unless they have specific features that customers crave.

ConvertKit takes a different approach than competitors. As their name implies, they focus on conversions. That's vital for affiliate marketers, who need to have a steady stream of conversions to get their incomes.

The company began with a specific mission in mind. At the time, many bloggers would get home page visits and have no easy way to convert them.

Convertkit review

Competitive Pricing for Business Users

They offer a free trial and then paid plans starting at $29 per month. The various pricing levels relate to the number of the included subscriber. Up to 1,000 are in the package at the lowest price point. There are no other hidden costs.

For the price, they offer a competitive marketing automation platform that is very easy to use. The cost is not the lowest around, but it's also not the most expensive service, either. Considering the features, it's a fantastic deal for people with smallish mailing lists.

The average business owner won't need much past the first paid plan, so costs shouldn't stop anyone from buying. Anyone can take a free trial to see if they like the system.

convertkit pricing

What Does Marketing Automation Do for Customers?

The term marketing automation refers to the ongoing process of automating as many routine parts of the marketing funnel as possible. A prime example is the ability to schedule follow-up activities when customers perform specific actions.

This form of automation is hugely beneficial because of the additional activities create sales opportunities. Without scheduled follow-ups and actions in place, companies rapidly lose track of their prospects and customers.

People running businesses don't have the time to do manual labor for marketing daily. They're much better off scheduling everything ahead of schedule, using automation. That's where this service stands out from competitors. It's simple to set up a mailing list series with scheduled emails. Initial setup only has to be done once, and the actions will repeat every time someone enters the funnel.

Experience Premium Support

No one wants to face neglect after purchasing a service subscription. What about questions that arise during off-hours? Fortunately, this company plays close attention to service requirements. They have multiple channels.

If you enjoy community-based support, you'll find that the team has you covered. The support staff maintains several Facebook Groups and a Slack Channel for quick questions.

Pros of the Service

Here's a list of the benefit. Consider how it's applied before deciding on whether to pursue a subscription. There is a free trial offer, so it doesn't cost a penny to give it a test.

  • The interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • The tag-based system makes categorization easy.
  • The visual automation editor is beautiful and straightforward to use.
  • Tons of third-party integrations make extending the functional a breeze.
  • You can share visual automation right from your account, which also allows you to earn extra affiliate commissions.
  • There are no charges for new features which come out regularly.
  • There's a one-step process to send out broadcast emails to non-opens.

The pros all center around how the service is excellent, and everything is simple. There's no steep learning curve so the broadest possible audience can benefit from the features. For us the email editor is class leading and better than any other ESP's editor


It's worth taking a look at the negatives. Some of them are matters of preference, but all are worth knowing about.

  • Although marketing automation rules are simple, they are not necessarily for advanced users. You may want to get more complicated than what the current offering has for you.
  • The forms could use additional customization options, in our opinion.
  • The system is not a good fit for webinars or live events.
  • We didn't like being unable to split test with only subject lines. We'd like to see more advanced criteria allowed.

Choosing any subscription always involves inevitable trade-offs. If you want simplicity, you will have to give up certain advanced features. If you want a lower price, you may miss out some functionality you desire. ConvertKit does an excellent job of balancing out these various factors.

Third-Party Integrations Extend Marketing Features

Anyone who needs extra functionality will find that integration with third parties is easy. There are a number of them, such as WebinarJam, WebinarNinja, Wix, SamCart, Sumo, and Zapier.

Integrations help for any company that wants to grow. No one will want to replace all their current infrastructure to try a new service. Zapier is an excellent addition because it allows integrations between just about all digital services. It only takes a few seconds to click through to hook up most of the third parties.

We think that most people will experience few issues using this marketing automation platform. Even though we're experts, the simple interface is very appealing.

Here are just some of the Integrations

convertkit integrations

Quick Time to Market Has Advantages

It's worth considering that the ability to quickly deploy digital campaigns is a significant asset. Many times, you may want to create a discount campaign or something that should be painless. No one wants to spend several hours crafting away, especially when a templated system is in place. With a large selection of templates, there is something for every type of marketer.

Using templates and the intuitive visual editor for automation, even people who know little about digital marketing stand the chance of getting rewards. That's a massive benefit because the digital space is always changing. It's not easy for full-time digital marketers to keep up, let alone business owners from unrelated industries.

When we review a product, we try to do so with the broadest possible audience in mind. It's easy to forget that people who don't work in the digital arena don't have a grasp on many of the crucial elements. Succeeding online requires a long process, and quite a bit of learning.

Email Service Providers Are Not All Equal

That's why ease of use and top support are the criteria that stand out fro the rest. Sure, price is always going to be a factor, but paying a few dollars extra may not be a problem if the results are better.

It's always worth considering how a deal pans out on balance. When all the factors add together, is it something worth investing in for a growing company. ConvertKit meets those requirements because it empowers organizations to experience increased conversions. Automatically sending out times follow-ups and handling routine marketing tasks will make any firm more revenues.

This Suite Holds It Own Against Competitors

Our thorough ConvertKit review turned up no flaws that would prevent anyone from joining. The only real limitations would be for customers who already have large mailing lists.

Generally, customers like that don't switch services often. That's why new people starting are a prime focus. Since they don't have any legacy systems to deal with, deployment is much faster.

For companies that don't have a current lead capture system, they can set up new forms from the beginning. Those leads will go right into their marketing automation. On a clean installation, the entire process is straightforward.

The automation rules are excellent because of the template system. Beginners won't usually have a grasp on the best way to configure their marketing, so leveraging templates is a bonus.

Landing Page Creation Made Easy

We love the Landing Page creator and templates. It takes too long to make a useful page without a tool. We found that the designs are quite attractive, so many new customers will be able to use them out of the box. Outside of tweaking the parameters to personalize the experience, there's nothing too tricky about using their system.

Reporting Makes Understanding Your Customers a Snap

The reporting features are also worthwhile. Businesses need to have a way to view quick overviews of their most vital metrics. Another point worth making for our ConvertKit review is that they will help migrate accounts. If you're bringing more than 5,000 subs, they have a team to help the process go smoothly. Fear of switching providers might keep some people back, but in this case, there's no reason to worry.

Anyone who has been avoiding purchasing a marketing automation solution should consider the advantages. Automation is the only rational way to deal with projects that have lots of tasks. Humans will always make mistakes and eventually forget to follow up altogether. However, a well-programmed system can keep the leads flowing and the sales rising.
That will leave plenty of time to focus on the part of the business that matters. Without that concentration, there's no way to keep things running. Reduce the time spent on routine digital marketing while watching the numbers shoot through the roof! That's the promise of a working strategy and a world-class tool.

Convertkit Review – Conclusion

Convertkit is without a doubt one of the best marketing automation tools available in today's market.

The main drawback for experienced marketers is that it does things differently to most other email service providers. This results in a rather steep learning curve while you try to figure out just what you are supposed to be doing.

For new marketers this isn't an issue and the tutorials should help you get started in a few hours.

The email editor is a joy to use allowing you to quickly create sequences, this in my opinion is the best editor available, It's a pity that the same can't be said about the automation part of Convertkit.

Coming from Activecampaign (Read our Review Here) I found the automations far too restrictive and “quirky”.

If you are a blogger looking for a marketing automation tool and you just want to use it to communicate with your subscribers and create simple automations then Convertkit is highly recommended.

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