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Convertkit Vs Activecampaign: Comparing 2 Of the Best Marketing Automation Tools

There are several Marketing Automation Tools in the market & we are doing an in-depth Comparison of  Convertkit Vs Activecampaign.

Comparing Marketing Automation services or Email Service provider scan be an intimidating task. There are many services out there. How do you choose what’s right for your business?

The first thing to do is not let yourself get too overwhelmed. While it can be a hassle to switch mailing list providers, it’s always something you can do.

Trust in yourself and that you know your business goals well enough that you can read over the features of both services, look at their pricing, and make a choice for the wellness of your company.

With that out of the way, let’s take a deeper look at the features each service offers, what you want, and the pricing plans for each.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is why we prefer to use services like these over those provided by services like AWeber, Mailchimp, or MailerLite. While it seems more complicated at first, it actually makes your list a lot easier.

So what is it exactly?

Marketing automation with newsletters is where a subscriber performs a specific action (for example, they click a link, open an email, or don’t open an email) and our mailing list service automatically performs an action in response.

This could mean a follow up email is automatically sent to them, it could mean they are tagged as being interested in the topic at hand (or not interested). You can have inactive users automatically unsubscribed after a certain period of time, or if they don’t open your last warning email testing to see if they’re still there.

These are all the tasks we should be doing, but when we have to do them by hand, we skip them. They are time consuming, tedious, and a lot to remember.

Unless you can spend one afternoon setting them all up so your list is taken care of.

These are the actions that help you work to slowly convert a subscriber who needs a little more prodding, or maximize on the reader who is ready to be a customer.

This takes your newsletter from impersonally shouting out to a crowded room, to a one-on-one conversation with every subscriber, delivering what that individual came to you for.

Can you see why that would make your marketing more effective?

Convertkit Vs Activecampaign

While there are many options out there for mailing list services, all of them specialize in different areas and are meant for different types of users. Today, let’s look at two options meant for people ready to step up their marketing automation.

Comparing The Features

ConvertKit (CK) can handle the basics very well. It’s simple for first-time users and has an excellent email editor.

  • Organizes your email list with tags and categories.
  • Offers customizable sign-up forms and landing pages for adding new subscribers.
  • Focuses on keeping clean and simple emails.
  • Provides simple tools for tracking data.
  • Has a drag-and-drop sequence builder for your automation campaigns.
  • Can become more advanced through integrations. You can integrate with WordPress, Zapier, GumRoad, Shopify, Instapage, and other key services.

ActiveCampaign (AC) is a more robust service. The automation features are more advanced so building up long drip campaigns and tracking all of your data is more automated.

  • Has templates for building your emails.
  • Offers sign up forms with a lot of options for tagging your new subscribers.
  • Allows you the ability to easily split test your emails and track the data from those tests so you can learn more about your subscribers.
  • Offers features that let you easily personalize content based on subscribers past actions.
  • This service has many email segmentation features.
  • With the use of tags, you can send dynamic content automatically. You can change the text or images for users who meet different criteria.

Where CK really shines is the simplicity of their features for first-time users. It won’t take long to learn how to use this service. It also has a lot of easy integrations that can make your life easier if you use Shopify or WordPress to run your website.

In contrast, AC has more powerful segmentation and dynamic content features that can create more advanced marketing automation campaigns. While CK also has automation features, there is more room to grow in your automation using AC.

Comparing the Pricing

The first thing to note is that neither service offers a free plan. If you’re new to building your newsletter, you’ll want to hit the ground running to get your money’s worth.

With Convertkit,there are four main plans. Each option offers the same features. The plans are divided by the number of subscribers you have.

The first three plans are for zero to 1,000 subscribers, 1,000 to 3,000 subscribers, and then 3,000 to 5,000 subscribers. The last plan is customized for those with larger lists, so you can enter in your subscriber count and calculate a pricing option.

With ActiveCampaign, things are set up differently. This service offers more features, and you have the option to pay for those you want by choosing one of four plans.

The plans are called Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. On their pricing page, you can enter in your subscriber count, and then the price changes for each plan. The price will also change based on whether you plan to pay monthly or yearly, with a discount on what you pay for each month if you pay for a full year at once.

The Lite plan offers basic features that you sign up for AC for, like unlimited sending and marketing automation. When you get up to the Enterprise plan, you have features like a custom mailserver domain, predictive sending, a dedicated account rep, and more in-depth onboarding services.

Who is cheaper? While the prices vary for what features you get and your subscriber count, AC is cheaper than CK. When you are using the Lite plan it may be a lot cheaper, but when you get a plan with a lot more features this difference may change.

Keep in mind that because AC’s features change with each plan, you need to consider the value for what you’re getting.

Another consideration is what features you will want in the long run. While your business may start off only needing basic features, your plans for growth may mean you need more down the road. If your goals mean you may someday want features like a dedicated domain server, you can’t get that feature on CK.

While you can always switch mailing list providers, it’s a hassle. Choosing a provider you think you can stay within the long-term means you can avoid having to learn a new platform and go through the process of setting up all of your automation campaigns on a new site.

What Service Is Right For You?

We’ve looked at the features and pricing of ActiveCampaign Vs ConvertKit. We’ve seen both services offer marketing automation options, though AC’s automation is more advanced. We’ve seen that CK offers a lot integrations with other services.

Both companies are priced similarly, though the features they offer for the prices vary greatly, so there is a question of value.

Will you use the more advanced features you can find on AC’s plans? (Either now or in the future?)

If you’re just getting started and don’t believe the advanced features of AC will benefit you, then CK offers all of its features in the basic plan, though AC is priced cheaper, particularly for the new user.

If you want an expansive dashboard with lots of features that allow you to customize your emails, create dynamic content so you can better individualize your newsletter, then you need AC.

If integrations are important to you, you might consider CK.

Overall, because we firmly believe in the power of marketing automation, ActiveCampaign is the stronger choice in our eyes.

That doesn’t mean ConvertKit is a weak option though! This will be a good choice for many users. If you are overwhelmed by the more advanced features of AC and a simple dashboard is important to you, CK may be the right choice.

Whatever service you choose, what’s most important is that you take advantage of the services it offers and use your newsletter to connect with your audience.




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