Email Marketing Is Still King

While checking out some stats about email marketing I came across the Infographic below which puts forward a very strong case about why you should make email marketing a key element of your marketing strategy.

What piqued my interest in this infographic was one of the statements at the top:

“Adestra in a survey found that 68% teens and 73% Millennials consider email as the preferred communication medium.”

In short your customers prefer you to reach them via email.

I thought I'd go through the Infographic and pick out my three favourite facts.

What are yours? Let me know in the comments

1.Email Marketing Efforts are Measurable

Hell yes. What you can measure you can improve and improvements lead to increased sales.

The first thing I do before I send an email is to check the stats of the last email, Primarily clicks and opens.  Email marketing stats are pretty much the only ones you don't need to do any work to get, they are there in front of you.

If the open rate drops you can simply look at the subject line and see if there is a problem there if the Click rate is low then it's time to check your call to action.  The reverse is true, higher open rates of clicks mean that something worked, time to find out what

Which would you rather have?

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.46.06
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 10.46.37

2. Email Works For Every Stage of the Sales Process

From the time when a potential customer first comes across you to the day they buy from you.. (ohh did all the guru B.S. make you think that the process was instantaneous?  🙂 ) email is there to help move the process along.

To put that in a more professional way, from the AWARENESS stage through the CONSIDERATION stage and finally to the DECISION stage a well created email sequence can ease the path considerably.

Nothing engages your prospective clients that a good lead nurturing process.

According to the infographic nurtured leads make 47% largest purchases than those that purchase immediately.

3. The Process Can be Automated

Automation , Automation Automation.

Automation is the way I can achieve three times as much in half a day as I achieved in a day a few years back. That will have a major impact on quality of life.

A few years ago you had a very binary email system, emails would go out one after the other with no consideration to what actions the subscriber took.

I shudder when I think of this now.

It didn't matter whether a subscriber had been to your sales page and read it and then clicked through to the cart and didn't buy or they opened the email and didn't do anything else, they still go the same email.

Now with automation one can get a new sequence about the benefits of buying and maybe finish with a coupon code while the other can get a sequence that is designed to get them to read the sales page.

Marketing is all about Relevance and nothing helps you be relevant as much as a good email automation.

Plus they are easy to set up when you know the basics.

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What is Email Marketing? Benefits of Email MarketingSource: What is Email Marketing? Benefits of Email Marketing


  1. Michael on September 11, 2018 at 6:47 pm

    Great Email Marketing Ideas.

  2. Matthew on September 17, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    I agree with the statement mentioned which says” Email is still the king”. I am into E-commerce business and I still use the tool of email marketing to upscale my business and grow the number of leads. I send emails based on the events, campaigns and a lot more events so that I can win back customers, inform them about any discounts and a lot more. I would suggest you to start using marketing automation tool for the purpose of email marketing, which can ease of your business requirements. I would recommend you to start using Aritic PinPoint.I liked the feature of dynamic segmentation as it helped me save a lot of time by using this type of comprehensive campaign module and reducing the need to build segments in a different interface. Now I am looking forward to using other features too. Cheers!

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