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Andre Chaperons Autoresponder Madness is still the #1 Email Marketing course. And now ARM V2 is available for FREE

Let's now beat around the bush taking this course which is delivered by email over 4 weeks (well that makes sense right!) will change how you look at email and email marketing. If you implement it it can change you life.. it changed mine

I can tell you now that I have gone through this course many times and each year I spend a day reading the emails to give myself a refresher. Autoresponder Madness is NOT like any other email marketing course on the market. The Focus is firmly on building relationships with your subscribers.

It works! I have had people on my list for over 8 years that still open my emails and click on my links. It has shaped how I do business and has probably had the biggest impact on any training or courses I've taken.

In fact, I can guarantee that If you go through this training and start to apply the lessons your marketing will change for the better.

You'll have a better relationship with your subscribers and as a result, your business will grow.

Autoresponder Madness will show you how to create these relationships and how to ensure that your subscribers are happy to receive and open your emails. In the training, Andre Chaperon leverages a number of advanced marketing tactics that most people still don't use. They work like gangbusters and get results.

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One particular case study that Andre uses as an example reveals exactly how he was able to earn $10,000 from 1 promotion to a list of 400 subscribers. This example was the catalyst I needed to focus on creating small segmented lists.

It's a method I've honed and repeated regularly since I first got ARM, you can see some of my results at:

While making $10k from one promotion to such a small list might not be typical, it’s a good example of what’s possible, and as my own results prove done right you can get similar results for lists of under 100 subscribers.

One of Andre's methods is called the SOS or Soap Opera Sequence, this was revolutionary when ARM first launched now it's something that any marketer worth his salt will teach. ARM is the original and the best!

If you haven't heard of the Soap opera Sequence we'll you'll surely have heard of a product launch sequence?

Yep! that's another of Andre's methods that you'll find in the course.

If you intend to do any and I mean ANY email marketing then grab your free copy of Autoresponder Madness now.

It will change the way you do email marketing.

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