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How To Build an Email List Overnight

Learn How To Build an Email List Overnight to grow your business.

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I built my very first list virtually overnight. using this little “hack”  I Build an Email List from zero to 4,000 subscribers in two days.

I didn't build my list bit by bit by bit why would you when you can start it off with a bang.

I've talked about this before, but what I did was I create a short ebook and I reached out to every marketer whose list I was on who I knew and said:

“I've created an ebook, I‘m going to give it to two people to give out to their list.

It's completely free training to Build an Email List.

I'll put your affiliate links into it.”

All  they had to do was just send people to my page to download it.

I added a bit of scarcity into the mix, I said the first two people to come back to me get access and send it out  do it over the weekend .

I got over 4000 subscribers over the weekend simply because I created an ebook and created 2 versions of it, with different marketers affiliate links in it.

I didn't want to make money a bit out of it because at that point in my marketing career having a list was more important.

10 years later many of those people are still on my list and are still customers.

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