How To Come Up With A Blog Name

If you are reading this I assume that you are about to start a WordPress blog.

Well done.

But before you start, you need to take time to ensure that you get the right name.

The blog name you choose will be with you for years to come. It could even contribute to your blog’s success.

So, here is a guide to come up with a name that will help you create a successful blog.

What is The Topic Of Your Blog?

Before you choose your name, you need to have a firm grasp of what your blog is about. This is not the time to be wishy-washy, you must know exactly what you are going to blog about. Vague ideas such as “I’ll write about being a mom” or “I’ll write about interior design” will get you nowhere and lead to your blog being too general.

It’s much better to start off with a firm idea and focus on that. You can always expand your blog later. Grab a notebook and write down in detail what your blog is going to be about. Choose a firmly defined idea and be specific, such as:

  • I will blog about: Creating great interiors on a budget
  • I will blog about: Being a mom with twins

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Now that you know what you are writing about you need to know who your target audience is. Your audience will define a lot about your blog. You want to pick a name that will resonate with your audience.

The worst thing you can do at this stage is to choose a name that will alienate or confuse your audience. Quite the opposite! You want a blog name that they can relate to and make it clear what your blog is about.

It’s time to grab that notebook again.

This time write down who you think your audience will be. Following on from the two examples above, your audience could be:

  • A newly married couple who have just bought their first home and want to make it look great but don’t have a lot of money.
  • A young mom who has recently given birth to twins and who needs help and advice.

Knowing your target audience and what you are writing about will not only help you come up with a blog name, it will also help you write great content that resonates with your audience.

Your Blog Name – Brand or Personal Name?

One consideration you have when naming a blog is to either use your personal name or a brand. If your name is a relatively common one, your choice of blog name will probably be limited to that of a brand. Personally, I prefer to choose a brand name that I can use. The only time I would consider using my full name is if I was offering services to businesses.

However, using your first name as part of the blog name can work well if you are struggling for a good name.  For example “Woodworking with Ted” or “Cupcake Christy.”

Also remember to check that the name or brand you choose (or a very similar one) is available on social media i.e Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you been around my blog for a long time you may remember it used to be After much soul searching, I decided to change it to a brand and “The Lifestyle Marketer” was born. Unfortunately, this means that my twitter name is @M_J_Thompson and my Facebook page is The Lifestyle Marketer Blog. This confusion could have been avoided with prior planning.

Go With The Flow When Choosing Your Blog Name

It’s more than likely that there are lots of blogs in your niche already and you may be tempted to make yourself stand out by using a quirky blog name. Resist the temptation. There is a time and place for quirky as we’ll see in a moment.

You’ll find that each niche seems to have its own blog naming convention and you should stick to this. They are either descriptive or quirky, occasionally they will be both. Your next job is to see what type of blog names are being used in your niche. I hope you still have that notebook on hand.

Head across to Google or another search engine and type in ” Best <keyword> Blogs. You’ll hopefully find lists of the top 20 fashion blogs or the top 100 Paleo Blogs etc. Start to write down the names of the blogs.

Next search for “<keyword > Blogs”  and do the same.

I found a list of the top ranked food blogs. As you’ll see below, without even knowing what niche I was searching for you, would have a pretty good idea just from the blog names. This is good!


If you are setting up a food blog what type of name do you think you should use?

I hope you said descriptive!

If you do a search for fashion blogs, you’ll find that the blog names are mostly quirky

How To Come Up With A Blog Name

By now you should have an idea of the type of blog name that you want so it’s onto the final straight and choosing the right name for your blog.

How To Come Up With A Blog Name

Now let’s choose the perfect blog name. Take all the information above and brainstorm a list of at least 25 possible blog names. Be as outrageous and random as you want. Get your family and friends involved and take your time. It’s important to get this right.

The name should be easy to remember. Also consider what happens when it’s written as a domain name the words could mean something else. A local company here called Love Spain has a domain that everyone thinks is about something else,!

If you get stuck, you can use a blog name generator for ideas. My favorite is Panabee. It’s also the simplest to use. Enter your topic and it will come up with ideas for you. Take the best ones and use them to build your list of  blog titles.

You can search on Google for “Blog Name Generator” or “Domain Name Generator” to find may more if Panabee doesn’t suit you.

Now it’s time to see if they are available. Head to Namecheap and select the bulk option.

Enter your list of names into the box on the left and choose “Search these extensions.” Initially you want to only choose .com (or etc. depending on your international audience). If no .coms are available then it’s back to the drawing board or you can try another domain extension. My second choice is .co .

If you go for .co and find a domain available, I would recommend making sure the .com isn’t in use as you don’t want any confusion with similar blogs.

Finding Available Domain Names


If you add .com to the end of the domain name you can choose the “I entered a fully qualified domain name.”  This tends to return “cleaner” results.

When you are ready to go, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on search, you’ll get a list of available domains. If you are lucky, your favorite ones will be available for $8.88. If a domain is being sold privately it is possible that it will be much more expensive.

I looked for a good domain name for a blog about cupcakes and brainstormed 5 names.

Here are the results.


Give the difference in pricing who wouldn’t want Cuppy Cuppy Yum Yum? (maybe I should have brainstormed longer!)

So that’s it, you now know how to come up with a blog name.

Creating Content That Converts

What happens after you create your blog? Have you got a plan for that yet? A few months ago I wrote a blog post about how to build a profitable blog.

If you’ve yet to start your blog, spending 10 minutes reading that post could save you months of wasted time and heartache in the future.

I would also recommend checking out the post on Passive Incomes.. Blogging certainly isn’t passive!

As you well know, there is more to a good blog than just the name. The most important aspect of any blog is the engaging your readers. Without that, your blog will struggle to prosper. Plan your blog content right at the start and you’ll help ensure your future success.

Trust me, without good content, your blog is doomed to be one of the 95% of blogs that never get updated.

Yes, 95%!

Once you start to get traffic to your blog then it’s time to engage with your visitors and turn them into engaged subscribers, read more about Engagement here:



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