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How To Simplify Online Marketing Today

Learn to Simplify Online Marketing Today: Online Marketing is easy if you consciously avoid the BS and focus on the simple things that matter, and more importantly, the things that work.

In a past post, I wrote about avoiding writing new content and focus on repurposing, refreshing and rewriting older content.

Leverage the content you already have.

You do not need to write a new post a week your time is far better spent writing 5 or 6 in depth posts a year and spending the time saved promoting those posts.

It's far easier to promote a handful of good quality articles than it is to promote a load of short lightweight content.

Be honest now how much time do you actually spend promoting your existing posts?

At the start of this year this blog consisted of 79 posts at the time of writing this it's down to just over 60 with posts being combined, redirected of just deleted.

If you review what you actually do on a daily basis and focus on the stuff that matters, then you’ll save a hell of a lot of time during the week.

All that extra time you can use for other income generating tasks.

I first wrote about the following method  over 10 years ago and it’s still very valid today (see I practice what I preach!).

Many people get overwhelmed by the whole process of trying to make money online.

They read loads of sales pages and start to believe the hype about needing tools x, y and z to succeed.

Making money online does not need to be difficult. In fact, it can be broken down into just 2 steps…

Part 1 – Simplify Online Marketing

Yes, Online Marketing is a simple 2 step process.

I like to call these 2 steps: divert and convert.


Step one is diverted.

This is simply the process of getting a person to move from one place to another.

For example from Twitter or from Facebook or even from an article to a sales page, etc.

You can do this in a number of ways: advertising, publishing posts, posting memes, the list goes on and on.

An example of this is easily demonstrated using Google.

Go to Google and do a search for, “how to make biodiesel,” or anything else you want.

How many methods of diversion do you see there?

You’ll probably see PPC ads, articles, videos, wiki’s, etc

All of these are great methods of diverting traffic, it’s just a matter of choosing which ones suit you best.

Obviously the more you do, the better your diversion rate will be.

For a recent product launch I managed to get 4 different methods of diversion into the top 10 results in Google.

I even out-ranked the main site that I was supposed to be promoting.

As you can imagine, in this case I diverted a lot of traffic to my sites where I could convert them to sales.


Step two is converting the people you divert to your site into income.

In some ways, this is the easier step of the two.

Once you have the visitors at your site you can use many methods of converting them into income and potential income:

Adsense, affiliate products, your own products, presell pages, CPA offers.

You can even get them to sign up for a report and get them on a list.

You’ll probably have more success by choosing just 1 or 2 methods and concentrating on those to start with.

Once you’ve mastered these methods, move on to another.

Obviously it will take a bit of time and skill to master the techniques needed.

It’s not as easy as it seems initially but by simplifying internet marketing down to 2 steps, you can start to see what you need to do.

To Summerise find out where the your target market and the traffic is.

Then divert them to a site where you can then convert them into subscribers.

There's your income. Online Marketing really is that easy.

Don’t be afraid to use Facebook ads, twitter ads, PPC, native ads, etc. to do the heavy lifting.

Money spent on advertising is rarely wasted money. (You'll find an indepth post on Facebook marketing at:

Even on the occasions you make a loss, you learn more than you would in any $997 BS course.

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Part 2

How Much Do You Want To Earn From Online Marketing?

Countless times over the past few years I’ve asked people how much they’d like to earn a month.

The answers always vary, although many answers are in the region of $100 a day or $5,000 a month.

That kind of income is actually easy to do.

Anyone, and I really mean anyone, can make that money.

Apologies if you are reading this and thinking to yourself:

“But I’ve been doing IM for years and I still don’t earn that much.”

The problem in that case is probably firmly down to you.

I bet you more than likely jump from method to method.

Having small wins here and there but never getting a consistent income.

I know that because I’ve been there when I first started online marketing I struggled.

Buying stuff, jumping from method to method.

Guess whatI am making money now in the same way I was 12 years ago.

I spent 9 of those intervening years looking for something better.

As soon as i returned to what I knew worked my online marketing business took off and i've not looked back

Let me tell you now, jumping from idea to idea  will never get you a consistent income and here is why…

It takes time.

You need to take those small wins and focus on them and then refine them.

That takes time.

Then you need to scale it up and invest in your business.

Do this and a 7 figure income is just around the corner.

I really, seriously mean that.

Forget your $100 a day dreams. $1,000, $3,000 or $5,000 a day is just as easy to achieve as $100, $300 or $500.

We know this because we’ve done it.

Even better, our members in Serious Marketers Only know it because they’ve either done it or have seen other members do it and document it.


This success isn’t achieved by jumping from method to method, it’s achieved by focus and scaling.

We have a  member who passed a milestone of $10,000 from an online store.

Most of that income came from 3 months of 100% focus when he started to focus on the store and nothing else.

Focus and Scaling, It’s All You Need For successful Online Marketing

Focus on something that works until it’s earning you a consistent income.

Scale that income as high as you can.

You do this by investing in your business and outsourcing as much of it a possible.

Train your staff so that they can do everything as good or better than you.

Hire the best staff you can.

I am currently in the process of building and scaling a new online business.

I’m not doing it by getting writers on Fiverr to do my content or paying $10 for an article.

I am doing it by hiring the best writers I can find – professional writers and journalists.

  • Focus and scaling baby are what you need to succeed!So to conclude by combining both part of this article you'll build yourself a really stable business that works
      • Divert Traffic To Your Main Page
      • Convert that traffic to leads or buyers
      • Focus on what you've built
      • When the time is right scale it up

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