Headlines that Get Great Results

How to Write a Headline That Will Get Kickass Results

This post was updated February 2017.

Each day there are approximately 294 billion emails sent and over 2 million blog posts written. Add to that the 900 thousand hours of video that are created and you have a lot of competition for your ideal target market.

Here is a sobering fact for you:

80% of people will read a headline but only 20% will ever click through.

So if your income relies on people reading your content, then you had better have the best headline possible.

Various tests have shown that a headline can drive up to 500 times more traffic to your article or email. Conversely, that means if you have a poor headline, you could be losing 500 times more views.

That’s potentially a lot of new subscribers or a lot of sales your headlines can make you or indeed cost you…

Here are some tips to help you write those Kickass Headlines.

Use SuperlativesSuperlatives

One of the key secrets to writing a headline that drives traffic to your content is to go either extremely positive or extremely negative.

You can do this by using positive or negative superlatives. Generally, negative superlatives work best, often up to 30% better, so test both.



Focus on The Key Words (not keywords!)

Due to the way that we read, there are certain words in your headlines that carry more weight.

These are the first 3 words and the last 3 words. Put more time into getting these right and once again, you’ll increase your click-throughs.

Look at the last 3 words in the title above  – “Get Kickass Results.” For once I am following my own advice, not only have I added a superlative there but I've future paced the article with results that you hopefully want to achieve.

How Does Your Headline Look?

How your headline looks can have a big effect on how it performs.

You have 3 main choices

This Headline Has The First Letter Capitalised


This headline has only one capital letter

I would generally recommend going with the first letter of each word being capitalized however if you want to convey urgency or excitement, ALL CAPITALS is the way to go. However use all capitals sparingly, too many and you'll look spammy.

Use Google to Polish Your Headline

Before publishing anything, fire up google and look at what the top sites in your niche are doing with their headlines.

While there check with content is getting shared the most and commented on, that's a sure sign that that style of  headline is working in your niche.

You can also use BuzzSumo to check what headlines have performed well in the past in your niche.

Build a Swipe File

I’ve been telling people for years that the first thing they should do when they start marketing online is to create a swipe file and add good headlines, emails and content to it.

If you do this, you’ll never be short of inspiration.

Most people ignore that advice!

If you haven’t got a swipe file start creating one today.

I sent an email yesterday and the headline was swiped and adapted from a cosmopolitan headline I saw about 2 years ago.

Split Test Headlines

This article actually started life with 3 headlines. In fact almost every post I've written on my blogs recently used multiple headlines. The reason it that over time, I find out which style of headlines work best for my audience.

The headlines I've used  for this post are:

How to Write a Headline That Will Get Kickass Results <== winner

6 Easy Ways To Improve Your Headlines

6 Secret Strategies to Improve Your Headlines Today

Why do you think the Kickass headline won?  Please leave a comment below!


Hopefully, by now you have an idea of what it takes to write a killer headline.

But headlines are only the start. A great headline will get traffic coming to your article but your article then needs to convert those visitors into subscribers and sales.

That's where my free training “Content That Converts” course comes in. In the course I show you how to create content that will generate more subscribers and ultimately more sales. Take the course today and watch your subscribers and sales grow. Simply click on the image below to get started.

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  1. Tom on May 10, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    I believe that “How to Write a Headline That Will Get Kickass Results” will win.
    I purchased headlinr, I haven’t tried it out yet. Are any of the bonuses
    Something you would recommend for creating squeeze pages?

    • Mark Thompson on May 11, 2015 at 7:55 am

      Tom, Yes several of the plugins are good for creating landing pages.. I’ve not tested them but I think Lead gen Pro is good

  2. Thien Lan Weber on July 27, 2016 at 12:21 am

    The kick ass headline is what got me here.
    Hey got a 404 on the bonus link. Might want to check that?
    Thanks for the tips. Very useful.

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