New For 2018 - "Keep On Track" Mentoring

One thing that has become clear since I started focusing on one to one coaching, most people know what they need to do to build a business they just need a guiding hand to steer them in the right direction and occasionally suggest ways of overcoming a hurdle or two.

If that's you then read on , if on the other hand you would like a more "hands on type of mentoring then please check out my  6 Week Structured Coaching and Mentoring Plans


Measurable Results

I joined Mark Thompsons 90 Day Bootcamp to get some extra help and more importantly the ears of an Industry expert. I can honestly say this is the best coaching programme I have been on ( I have been on a few) and the only coaching programme that has produced measurable results.

Mark is a genuine likeable guy with a heap of knowledge, a passion for his clients, and the ability to get inside your business (or business ideas) and extract the gold that is lying just under the surface. Knowing where to focus my attention has led to an increase in traffic of 50% and daily sales which are improving week by week.

If you want to grow your business or start one off you won’t do better than a one on one coaching session with Mark. Your batteries and business will be recharged guaranteed!

Craig Connelly 

What's "Keep On Track" Mentoring

Keep on Track is based on the 90 day sprint / 12 week year method of running your business. At the start of each sprint period you create a plan and focus solely on that.

You create small set measurable results and over the 90 day sprint you focus on achieving the targets you have set for yourself.

Keep on track mentoring is designed to keep you on track and help you to get over the hurdles that will appear from time to time.

Goal Based Mentoring

All my programs whether individual or group coaching are designed to ensure you build a working business. While the actual process is different for everyone the broad principles remain the same.

You'll build your offer, define your audience, put the structures and processes in place that you need to drive your business forward and finally you'll start to turn your audience into customers.

Additionally with Keep On Track Program you have an agreed set of goals to achieve between each call.

Over the course of the program you'll focus on 4 distinct areas which make up most online businesses.

Step 1 - The Offer

The first thing we will do is work on your offer, this is the key to any business. At the end of this first step you will know exactly what offer to present to your audience.

Step 2 - Defining your Audience

Next we'll define your audience who they are and where you'll find them. We'll work out what motivates and what will attract them to your offer.

Step 3 - Structure and Processes

Once you are firm on your offer the next step is to set up the structure and processes that you'll need in your business.  This includes planning how you'll convert potential customers into customers.

Step 4 - Putting It All Together

Once everything is in place it's time to connect the dots and start to convert your audience into customers.


Marketing Mindset

I've been Mark Thompson's student for several years now. I joined his Serious Marketers Only Forum as soon as it launched.

Most recently I participated in his 90 Day Bootcamp. Many people know marketing skills, but not many can teach them as clearly as Mark does.
From Mark I have learned many skills and have started to develop a marketing mindset. Based on his urging I've created and launched my first product.

Shlomo Skinner

Diabetes Rebels

Who Is This For

Over time I've discovered that I work best with several different types of motivated individuals.

Just Starting Out

If you are just starting out and have no real idea of the direction you want to take or what you should be doing then I can help you.  Working together we'll get you set up with a solid online business.

I do ask that you have have an idea of the business you want to build before the first call.

The Product Creator

I really enjoy working with fellow product creators, if you have an existing product that you feel could be doing better or want to create a product then give me a call.

We'll work together to get your course selling to the perfect audience. There has never been a better time to create and market online courses. 


If you have a set of skills that you feel would translate into a good coaching program then give me a call.  Coaching is a very specialised area. There are several quick ways to get a head start in online coaching.

Developing Memberships

Over the past 11 years I've created and developed several successful memberships. In a business where retention of over 3 months is considered good I measure my retention in years.

Whether you want to start a membership site or grow an existing site book a call and lets talk strategy.

What's Included In The "Keep On Track"  Package?

Initial Call

We start off with an hour long call where we look at your business and what you want to achieve. During the first call we agree on a series of milestones and tasks.

Bi Weekly Calls

Every 2 weeks we'll jump on a 30 minute call to review your progress update your goals and plan the next phase.

Monthly Review Calls

At the start of each month we have a 60 minute planning call where we dig deep into what's been achieved and where you need to focus.

Whilst similar to the initial call these calls can often be the most important as they help uncover problem areas that need to be addressed.


For many people, this is the most important part of the package. From our first call onwards we'll be setting goals to drive you forward.  Each goal will be broken down into small achievable steps that we'll track.

This will build into a roadmap to success that assures that you follow through and reach your predetermined goal.

Mindset, Structure, Systems and Productivity 

Getting Stuff Done.  The keep on track program can be summed up in those 4 words.


How Does "Keep On Track" Differ From Your Other Programs

Keep on Track has much less hands on coaching, you'll get an hour long call at the start of every month and then an update call every 2 weeks.  It's designed to help me guide you and keep you focussed on your online business. 

My premium coaching and mentoring packages have a much more hands on approach and access to my team, in those we'll work with you and help you to build your business plus we include many more calls and training sessions where I walk you through any training you need one on one.

Due to the more hands on nature places are severely limited and subject to a consultation call, 

I Already Have an Online Business

Excellent, well done.

If you already have a business and you think it's not as profitable as it can be then then we'll focus on turning it around for you.  I usually find that most problems start with the offer, so we'll fix that first.

Will There Be Any Further Costs?

I usually try to work with the tools and assets you already have, occasionally there may be something that I think you should use but if you are like most marketers you should already have everything covered.

In a lot of cases I will actually save you money by eliminating the need for many of the tools you have. I ran a recent exercise on my own assets and saved over $10,200 a year.

The only other cost you may incur is advertising, Facebook ads in particular.  Usually your ad spend will be very low $5-$10 a day while we get your business working.

How Do I know This Isn't a Scam?

Please jump on a call with me or visit one of my Facebook groups and ask the members.  I have lots of testimonials from happy customers that I am more than happy to show you.

Always ensure that you are working with a coach who has a vast amount of experience and has YOUR best interests at heart not his own.

Do I Need a Website?

No! If you already have a website then that is great but please disregard everything people have told you about what you need. If I was starting out now the last thing I'd build would be a large website.

Are The Packages A Monthly Subscription?

The Keep On Track program is a monthly recurring payment.

Each other coaching plan is tailored to you we also create a payment schedule to suit your situation. We can schedule, weekly, monthly or one off payments ensuring that you get the coaching you want at a cost you can afford.

How Much Do The Packages Cost?

The Keep On Track package is a fixed cost, $147 per month however if you are an existing member of Serious Marketers Only the cost is discounted to $97 Per month

Other packages range from $597 to $15,000 

Do I Have To Do The Strategy Call?

It's not required for the Not For the  "Keep On Track" Program however you are welcome to jump on a call if you have any questions.

For every other program then yes it is. I like to spend time talking to you you before you commit to the program as we will be working closely. 

The strategy call is NOT a thinly disguised sales call, it's a way for both of us to see if we are a good fit. You need to see that I have a plan of action that can help you, and I need to see that you are motivated and open to accepting advice.

I only take on a few coaching clients at any one time. If I took on someone who isn't a good fit I would possibly deny a place to someone more suited.

Can I Join The Keep On Track Program and Upgrade Later

Yes of course, if you decide you need a more hands of approach and want more calls and training plus the help of my team we can certainly come to an arrangement that be be mutually beneficial.

Keep on Track Mentoring

$147 Per Month
  • Initial 60 Minute "Discovery Call"
  • 60 Minute Monthly Strategy Calls
  • 30 Minute Bi Weekly Update Calls
  • Goal Based Mentoring Designed to Get Results

Keep on Track Mentoring - Existing SMO Members

$97 Per Month
  • Initial 60 Minute "Discovery Call"
  • 60 Minute Monthly Strategy Calls
  • 30 Minute Bi Weekly Update Calls
  • Goal Based Mentoring Designed to Get Results

Not Sure If This Is For You? Book a free call