Live Workshop – Full Time Income From Small Lists

DATE : June 6th
TIME: 10pm CET – 9PM GMT – 5PM Eastern

I am holding the first workshop of the year on June the 6th and we will look at how you can create a full time income from small lists.

This is actually easier than most people realise. In my 13 years as a full time marketer I've rarely had more than 2000 subscribers on a list simply because there is no need to have any more.

I first wrote about this in 2012 when it was called 500 buyers, then updated it in 2015. Since then things have changed a lot.

So much so that if you can get 2 or 3 subscribers a day you can make a full time income.

For example this was the result of an email to a list of 84 people.

This generated $9000+ in 48 hours a 42% Conversion rate.

Or how about this.

This campaign generated 18 sales from a list of 34 people over 50% conversion. Generating over $4600.

During the workshop I'll show you how you can start today and generate a full time income from very small lists.

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