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Make Money Online: The Power of Timeless Content

I’ve been an online marketer for over 12 years and in that time I’ve tried many ways to make money online Since the Last 15 Years.

Some have been successful, some have bombed.

Over time there is one thing that has constantly generated profits for me.

My content.

Yep, the stuff I write on a day-to-day basis.

This stuff.

Not by using software tools, not by complicated systems, not by spending hours trying to find loopholes and use ninja tricks.

Just by writing good, original content.

Just simple words on a page or in an email.

If someone asked me what I would do if I was starting over, I'd tell them I'd learn to create better content.

The fact is the ability to write in a way that engages people and traffic that you send to your content is all you need to succeed in this business.

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I'm not a natural writer, I can't spell and grammar still eludes me. If I can write content that generates an income, anyone can.

The First Rule to  Make Money Online

Good content:

  • plays with emotions, people buy with emotions.
  • takes you on a rollercoaster ride or it can reveal a truth that you needed to hear.
  • shapes your views and sends you on a path that changes your future.
  • can “future pace” and show the reader where they could be in a few month's time.

Great writers know this, great bloggers know this, great marketers know this and great email writers know this.

In 1926, John Caples wrote a direct response ad that went on to be the best performing ad of its time and is still a classic.

Even now most marketers know about it.


They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started to Play!

They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started To Play

It's timeless, just like good quality content is timeless. You can learn almost all you need to know about playing with emotions through words by analysing the content of that ad.

laurel and hardy

Laurel and Hardy

Content and traffic, are the key to everything you ever wanted. The greatest double act since Laurel and Hardy.

What do you want?

What's your dream?

Do you see yourself handing the keys to your Ferrari to a valet outside the best restaurant in town?

Or maybe you see yourself being able to take your child to school and pick her up comfortable in the knowledge that her financial future is secure?

Do you see yourself lounging by your infinity pool watching the sun go down knowing that you've had another successful day?

Or do you just want to be average?

Do you want to sit in First Class or in a cramped at the back of the plane?

When Apple was hiring a marketing director, they wanted the guy who created the Pepsi Challenge. After months of negotiation things weren't progressing until Steve Jobs said to John Sculley,

“Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life or change the world?”

Guess who moved to Apple?

Screw average!

You can live the lifestyle you want but you've got to believe in your ability to achieve it.

And you need to take action.

Content, an opt-in form and an email list are all you need to live the lifestyle you want.

12 year ago I was living in a new country with no income and the inability to speak the local language.

I was broke. I was on the verge of desperation.

So I googled, “how to make money online” (yes really!) and the rest, as they say is history!

Within 2 days I had a blog. Within 4 months I had a steady stream of income. I was on the way to the lifestyle I wanted.

My first success was $20,000 that I generated selling a brand new style of Ugg boots via an article that ranked at #1 in Google. In fact I ranked #1 #2 #3 #5 #7 and #10 for variations of that article.

Ugg wasn’t happy! I was ecstatic.

It felt like I'd won the lottery.

Imagine the rush you'd feel when you send an email and within minutes you've got money in your account.

Forget all the hype, you don't need fancy software and expensive tools to make money online.

You simply need to write content that informs and entertains that you can monetize. Get people to opt in to a list, send them emails that continue to inform and entertain whilst promoting relevant products.

When you start to write great content, magical things start to happen to make money.

So, let me give you some actionable advice so you can finish this post and start to make positive changes right away.

I have written 4 steps to make money online on the internet in 2021.


Find a niche with multiple products. The first product should have a low cost of entry, $26 and below is ideal. It's no brainer money for most people.

Look for products in the same niche with a recurring income program. Ideally, you'll find multiple products aimed at beginners and people with intermediate skills.

Look at these 3 products I found by playing with the filters in Clickbank. Low initial cost, high residuals and covering multiple levels.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.20.31


Content should be the top of every sales funnel you have. It's a valuable tool for explaining the benefits of whatever you are selling or promoting without having to hard sell.

No one likes to be sold to, everyone likes to learn.

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Your content is there solely to inform, entertain and pique your reader's curiosity.

Following on from the example in step one, you could create content about how to make the ultimate model railway or how to find the best beginners rolling stock.

Get that content right and you can move on to step three.


Next, you want to turn readers into subscribers. There are many ways of doing this but the most effective is a content upgrade.

A content upgrade is simply something that adds more value to your content. For example, if you were writing about model railways you could provide a PDF of “7 Tools Every Railway Modeller Needs” or the “7 Most Iconic Pieces of Rolling Stock” and where to find them.

Done right, content upgrades can have a conversion rate of between 30% and 70%.

Opt-in forms in sidebars often get an opt in rate below 1%.

I currently have one content upgrade running at a 58% opt in rate and another at 47%.

For you that means that instead of generating 1 or 2 subscribers for every 100 visitors, you'll be getting anywhere from 30 to 70 subscribers.

With each subscriber typically generating $1.50 per month, that alone will have a big impact on your income.

If your opt in rate is less than 30%, work to make it better, change your opt-in and change your call to action.


Use an email sequence to convert your subscribers into buyers.

Use the email sequence as a natural extension to the content you write, continue to provide information, continue to educate, continue to entertain.

Start to include links for relevant products in each and every email. It doesn't need to be a hard sell, it can be a subtle as a you want.

If you've found this useful and if you want to know more, I've created a free 7 day course that shows you how to create content that converts. Click on the image below and start to create content that will get you more sales, more customers and more leads.

To Make Money Online You must be an action taker from the day-1

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