Why Do So Many Marketers Leave Money On The Table?

I've been doing Online Marketing for over 13 years now and I have lost count of the number of people who I've talked to with great courses, great coaching or superb blogs who have just given up and returned to a regular 9-5 job.

The main reason is usually “I just can't get enough traffic and make enough sales.”

Unfortunately that isn't the problem. Far from it.

The problem is failing to convert the traffic they have.

When I dig deeper I usually see conversion rates of  1 and 2 %  or on some occasions less than that.

If they could increase their conversion rates to 10%, 20% or 30% then the existing traffic they have would be more than enough to build the income they want.

Does that resonate with you?

Are you leaving far too much money on the table and failing to convert traffic to sales?

If you want to increase conversions and income from your online marketing efforts then grab a coffee, sit in your favourite chair and take 5 minutes to read this.  It might even help if you've got a notepad handy to take some notes.

In this post, I'll show you how to turn your existing traffic into the income you want and also the simple implementation you can do to increase you income by upto 760%

Who Is this Post For?

This post is aimed primarily at Course Creators and Coaches but the lessons can be used for most types marketing whether you have a shopify store or are using a blog to sell affiliate products. If you want to make sales you will get value from this post!

The #1 Rule To Stop You leaving Money On the table

The #1 rule for all marketers is you must have a list even more so now than in the previous years.

-: Google destroyed many health and fitness sites with their Medic Update… what will be next?
-: Youtube is systematically removing and blocking content creators
-: Facebook is drastically cutting reach (recently group posts went through a stage were reach was cut by 75%)
-: Chatbot's can suddenly stop working due to minor changes

If you are building your business and relying on other services to do business you are playing with fire, and it's only a matter of time before you are thinking .. “Oh No, what do I do now”

To preempt this you should build yourself an email list and ensure that you export your list of subscribers  every week, then keep that list of subscribers safe

“Email Lists are Spammy”

Look,  I get it, most people have the impression that only spammers use lists, this usually comes from a series of poor email experiences.

It probably feels like you join a list to get a report you wanted and before you can say Bob's your Uncle, you have a deluge of emails making offers and trying to separate you from your hard won income.

If that resonates then I feel for you, you just haven't come across many good email marketers.

Good email marketers and that is surely what you want to be, will provide their subscribers with lots of value , help and advice comfortable in the fact that they will buy when the time is right

Which leads us nicely onto Rule #2

Quick Question…  Would the having the following information at your finger tips impact your approach to your business?

If yes, continue reading

Rule #2 – The 3 Steps To Double Figure Conversions

There are 3 steps you should go through before you even think about building your list.

1. Define Your Offer

What are you actually offering?

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your coaching program is your offer or that your course is your offer it's not.  Those are your products.

Your offer is the end result your coaching or product will have for your clients.

You are offering the solution to the problems they are facing, that solution can come in many formats.

So for example, you know all those perfume ads and car ads you see on TV, the offer isn't the Perfume or the car, it's the possibilities they may bring, they people will look up to you , the way you'll feel after you roll out of the showroom in your 2018 BMW or squire a bit of Givenchy's latest perfume on.

See the difference?

2. Define your audience

Who are your audience?

The biggest mistake that marketers make here is to assume that their audience is everyone. It's not.

Everyone is different and had different needs, if you are offering one specific solution your audience is the people who could benefit from that solution and no one else.

Did you see what I did at the start of this article I wrote “Who is this for?” I then said it's primarily for Coaches and Course creators.

But there was more that most of you won't have noticed .. I had filtered it even more in the previous paragraph

“Are you leaving far too much money on the table and failing to convert traffic to sales?”

In reality, this article is reaching out to coaches and course creators who have actually taken action and built a business but feel it isn't reaching it's potential.

You are one segment of my audience and this post is aimed squarely at you. I am not trying to address anyone else in this post.

Anyone who hasn't started as a coach or creator yet are unlikely to understand the key concepts of the post and successful marketers who are happy with their income are probably not going to take much notice.

Hence I address a specific segment of my audience who I know can benefit most from this post.

3. Create a series of “Messages” and stick to them.

Once you know exactly what you offer is and who your audience are you can create a series of message that will resonate with your audience.

My message to you coaches and course creators is that you can build a full time income from really small lists, if you can get 5 or 10 subscribers a day (and trust me you can) you can build a full time income.

If this article was aimed mainly at affiliate marketers it would be different, the same with people who had built an ecommerce brand.

The messages you create should come directly from the benefits of your offer.

How will your offer directly help your subscribers?

If you had an offer that helped people lose 20 pounds and keep it off, then your message should talk to people who lost weight in the past but put it back on again.

In a market where everyone is offering “Lose 20 Pounds”  Lose 20 Pounds and Keep it off” would be king!

So there we have it the end of part 1.

The key takeaways from this part is,

Build a List.

But before you do ,

Know your offer.

Know your audience and understand your audience isn't everyone

Have your messages ready.

If you've got some benefit from what you've read so far then head into part 2 where I'll show you the best way to increase your sales, you can start to implement this in the next few hours without spending any money.

Part 2

Once you have all the Elements we covered in part one ready then you have one more thing to do

Segment Your Audience.

If you only take one thing away from this post this is it:

Segmented campaigns perform better. According to the DMA (Direct Marketing Association), marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns,

As I mentioned in part 1, Everyone's audience is different, some of your audience will have one need others will need something else.

Let's look at this in an abstract way.

You are building a list of Fans of Classic TV Comedies from the 90's,  let's keep it simple and pretend that the only classic comedies in the 90's are  Friends and Seinfeld (probably not far off!).

If you build it like most Marketers you'll say something like..

“Love 90's Classic Comedy?
Join Our Classic Comedy Newsletter”

Now some will like Friends and others will like Seinfeld and a small number may like both

If you were to email about Seinfeld then you'd alienate the Friends fans and Vice versa. That's how most marketers lists are, they don't really know what their subscribers like.

Having read this article you know there is a better way so you create an optin like this:


What's going to happen?

You aren't going to alienate any of your list because you'll send emails that will resonate with both.

(You can do this simply by using conditional sections in your email but that's a topic for another day)

If you implemented this today or applied it to an existing list you would have a much higher conversion rate than you do now.

Do The Math

What is your current Conversion Rate?

How would your income look if you doubled it?

Trebled it?

What about quadrupled it?

I talked earlier about The Direct Marketing Association report that showed that segmented lists convert at up to 760% higher than non segmented lists, a second earlier report had that uplift expressed as an 18X increase in income.   Can you really afford not to segment your lists?

Want more information about what segmenting can do?

In a recent blog post ActiveCampaign revealed that one of their clients Platinum Skincare started to segment their list and immediately made sales to 17% of that list.

It's really not difficult to make these changes it just takes a little effort and a plan.

Even if you have an existing list segmenting isn't difficult, send them an email like the one below and then tag the links they click… job done you now know what to send anyone who has clicked.

Although this is just a dummy email created for this article, your automations can send the most relevant article to your newly segmented subscriber, what they are really interested in, not what you think they are interesting in!

Can you see how powerful this can be, suddenly those single figure conversions can be turned into a full time income.

How To Segment Your Audience

The easiest and most effective way of segmenting your audience is to use a tool like Convertbox this provide several methods of ensuring you know exactly what your subscribers want.

Limits Of Segmentation

There are very few limits to the types of segmentation you can do. So long as your audience has different needs then segmentation should be something you are doing.

Age, gender, skill levels and interests are the 4 main areas most people use but as you can see in the image below there are a lot more.

What areas of segmentation will have the most impact on your business?



The conclusion to this article is really simple, most people who aren't making the income that they want online think they have a traffic problem where in reality they have a conversion problem.

I would be prepared to bet you a meal in a Michelin starred restaurant that 90% of those that give up on their dreams of building an online income give up simply because they have taken the wrong approach to marketing.

They've seen how successful marketers  do their marketing and decide to market like that, forgetting that those very same marketers have spend months providing value to their audience and delivering the messages that potential customers need to hear.

Don't become one of those that give up before they have succeeded.

Take 5 minutes to do they math on your own business.  If you could increase your conversions to 10% imaging the effect it would have on your life.

As a quick example if you are converting a $297 product at 2% you'll make almost $600 for every 100 subscribers, However increase that to 10% and those 100 subscribers will bring you an income of almost $3000. If you can get 10 subscribers a day then that's $9,000 a month.
Now take a moment to imagine , 20% 30% and 40% conversion rates… Impossible?  NO!

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