Online Marketing Unspoken Key to Success

Online Marketing – The Unspoken Key To Success

Doesn't Matter what your business is, In 2021 Online Marketing is compulsory to grow any business or you want to start a business on the internet.

Have you ever wondered why some people are wildly successful at everything they do and some people seem to fail at every opportunity?

In 1911, Scott and Amundsen were racing to the South Pole. The distance they had to cover was around 1400 miles, they both decided on different tactics.

Scott decided that his team would make the most of good weather and travel as far as they could. When the weather was bad they would rest up.

Amundsen took a different approach: his team would cover 20 miles every day no matter what the weather was.

It didn’t matter if they had completed that 20 miles by 2pm or by 11pm, they would do 20 miles then stop.

By being consistent Amundsen reached the South Pole 34 days before Scott.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with building an online business.

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Consistency and planning are the keys.

I could give you a list of the best tools in the world but even they are useless until they are in the hands of a person determined to put a plan into place and stick to it.


Here’s how to start taking consistent action:

1. Form habits that allow you to succeed

Taking consistent action requires you to form habits such as:

  • Listing the tasks you need to do today.
  • Sticking to those until they are done.
  • Not getting distracted.
  • Finishing the day by noting down lessons learned and planning your next day's tasks.

Habits are the main weapon in your success armory.


2. List the reasons you want to succeed

What are your ultimate dreams and goals? Be as extravagant as you want. Now include some that you want to achieve that are achievable. Finally, create your weekly rewards, these should be things you treat yourself to when you stick to your plans each week.

Anything from a meal at a favorite restaurant to the latest tech gadget. Only reward yourself when you succeed.


3. Put a time restraint against the achievable goals

I want to earn $100,000 by my next birthday, now put this where you can see it every day. I want to create and launch a new course in the next 13 weeks.

You can't generate $100,000 by the next day or week from Online Marketing, it takes time but it will worth for it.


4. Break down your plan into the steps you need to complete.

Each day and each week should have tasks mapped out that need to be done. Break it down to 30-minute tasks if possible and put the worst task first every day.

This is what Mark Twain (and Brian Tracey) call “eating the frog.” Get the most unpleasant task out of the way first rather than have it looming over you all day.

It doesn’t matter if you have an hour a day or 8 hours a day, fill every minute with achievable tasks.



5. Realize the difference between goals and targets

If success relied on you ticking off a list of To Do’s, then everyone would be successful. Fortunately, it doesn’t so you need to realize the difference between goals and targets.

Goals are what you want to achieve. That $100K, finishing the course you want to build – those are your goals and you should use them to focus your mind on the tasks you need to complete.

Targets are the important tasks you need to achieve that day to get you closer to your goals. Setting up an opt in form to help you build a list is a target that will get you closer to your goal.

Further Reading: Setting SMART Goals

6. Personal Roadmap

If you were driving out of Central Park in New York at 8 am on a Monday morning and you had to arrive at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco by 8 am the following Monday, I am sure the first thing you would do would be to grab a map and look at the route you had to take.

(you’ve lost your GPS smarty!)


The next thing you would do would be to plan the stops you would make to ensure that you go there on time.

This is the next thing you should do with your business, create a personal roadmap that tracks your progress.

Let's look a list building. If you want to go from 0 subscribers to 10,000 in 13 weeks you might include a milestone of like:

  • I will have 4000 subscribers by week 6 (or a specific date: November 1st).

Having a personal roadmap gives you more easily achievable targets that ensure you are on schedule. This is a lot like Amundsen on his Antarctic journey. Before setting out, he knew where he should be at any specific date. Knowing this allowed him to do his 20 miles every day.

7. Finish the day with a win.

The last thing you should do before you finish for the day is to write down that day's wins. Big or small it doesn’t matter, just give yourself that reward that will keep you on track and boost your confidence.

Finally, my best recommendation is to use a physical planner to track all this, a notebook, a Moleskine or a dedicated planner designed for goal setting. The physical act of writing will help you achieve more than just using an online planner.

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  1. Barton Murray on October 18, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Great tips on persistence Mark. Did you know that its possible that no one has ever reach the south pole, no really!

    As always, great article for all folks, not just internet marketers.

    • Mark on November 2, 2016 at 4:43 pm

      No south pole .. that’s a bummer! I like to think all that struggle was worth it for those intrepid explorers

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