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101 Virtual Jobs You Can Start Today

Whether you call them Virtual jobs, Virtual assistant jobs, work from home jobs or if you call your self a Virtual Assistant, a VA, a Digital Nomad or even a Mompreneur supplying an online service is one of the fastest ways to generate an online income. In this post I want to look at 101…
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What Blogs Earn

How Much Blogs Earn – The Definitive Report 2018

Last year I spent several weeks analysing various sources of data to work out How Much Blog Earn. This year I repeated the exercise with some interesting results. Rather than do a new How much blogs earn post I've updated last years report with the new data. This will allow you to quickly compare the…
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passive income

The Passive Income Myth

A few days ago I asked my subscribers and members of Serious Marketers Only a question about Passive Income. “Would You Rather Build a Passive Income Or An Online Business” Here are the results from the email question after 24 hours The question was deliberately vague as I wanted judge peoples perceptions of an online…
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Skyrocket Your Pinterest Growth in Just 4 Hours a Month with Tailwind

Looking for an underestimated market of users who are looking to be motivated to buy? With 150 million+ users, Pinterest is the perfect platform for bloggers and small businesses to boost their reach. Check these stats: 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases; and 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline. The key is…
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4 Email Campaigns Must Run

The 4 Email Campaigns Every Marketer Must Run

Email marketing is changing. If you are simply sending an email to everyone on your list, you are missing out on sales. In fact, even the term email marketing is “old skool.” Clever marketers are focusing on Marketing Automation. Forget lists and broadcasts, tags and conditionals are what the smart marketers are using. Here are four…
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You're Losing Cash

Attention: You're Losing Hard Earned Cash Without Creating Quality Content

Your game is about volume. You want to flood the search engines with massive amounts of rubbish just so you can secure an increasing number of rankings. You are so, 10 years ago. Back then you could game the search engines with such strategies. Google was, after all, in it’s infancy. Today, things are different.…
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