Passion Leads to Success

Passion Leads To Success

Apologies for my absence over the past 6 weeks, I initially went on vacation for a week but that stretched into two, then four, then six.

I spent time traveling around Spain (Madrid is an amazing city, can't believe it's the first time I've been there after 10 years in Spain) and recharging my batteries.

Halfway through, I realised it was the first vacation over a week long I'd had in the last 10 years!

So much for a lifestyle business!

Seemingly there is more to life than golf and great restaurants… who'd have thought!

As much as I love this business, it was a pleasant change not having to think about what to write about and allowing my business to run on autopilot. One of the benefits of doing this was I saw where the weak points were and what needed to be strengthened.

Without really realising it, I identified the staff I needed to hire and formulated a plan for next year.

So all in all, a valuable break and now I am back and raring to go. So let's get started.


In the UK there is a program called Dragon's Den, I think the US equivalent is Shark Tank.

A few years ago on the first episode of a new series there were 2 pitches that really stood out… for totally different reasons.

The first pitch was 2 guys who wanted to finance a series of fast food outlets selling wraps.

The were confident, assured and they knew all their figures.

The dragons even agreed that this was going to be a big sector of the fast food market in the future.

They nailed it. It was the perfect pitch. They'd identified a hole in the market and developed a business around it.

The next guy wanted to launch a range of gluten free noodles.

He didn't know what all the ingredients were.

He had no idea of his figures.

And to top it all off, he burst out crying as soon as they put him under pressure.

It was one of the worst pitches I've ever seen.

Guess what?

He got offered the money he wanted by all the “Dragons.” The wrap guys got nothing.

There were 2 reasons for this.

The wrap guys didn't put forward a deal that the dragons could work with, they were entirely unrealistic about their business.

The second reason was passion.

The noodle guy had passion.

Oh boy did he have it.

He was aching to succeed. He wanted to succeed so much that even the thought of failure pushed him over the edge.

The other guys were hard workers, but the spark wasn't there, it was a business to them. But to the noodle guy it was more than that.

I doubt that the noodles will ever see the light of day, but he got his money because they knew he would succeed one way or another.

They backed his passion, not his product.

How passionate are you about succeeding?

How passionate are you about helping people?

Is online marketing a business for you or a passion?

Just buying the latest product isn't going to make you a success!

Success comes from taking action whenever you can.

[bctt tweet=”Do something to build your business every day. #passion” username=”m_j_thompson”]

Do something to build your business every day. Even if you work 10 hours a day at a dead end job, make time to do something.

Over the past few years, we've grown our online business more than we imagined was possible (so much so I can take 6 weeks off and everything still ticks over).

It's far exceeded our targets.


We took action and continue to take action every day.

In Serious Marketers Only, my business partner is Pete. Pete takes action. Do you think he would have built his e-commerce business to the level where he can earn over $350,000 a month without taking action and being passionate?

He does this while traveling the world (whoops I suppose I have no excuses now!).

Even on the busiest of days, I am sure you can find 10 minutes to sit down and write an email to your lists.Or do something to build a list.

What have you done to make money today?

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