Andre Chaperon’s Sphere Of Influence

I doubt that there is an Online Marketer alive who hasn't heard about Autoresponder Madness, well now Andre Chaperon has come up with Sphere of Influence which is set to change how you market to your audience just like Autoresponder Madness changed how people email their subscribers.

What is Sphere Of Influence?

Have you ever seen Derren Brown or a great hypnotist at work,  they take a member of the public and change their belief systems and are are able to bend their will.  Well now imagine being able to scale that up so that you could do something similar with a large group of people.

That's what Sphere of Influence will teach you to do.  Andre has created a roadmap that you can follow that will allow you to change and reframe your audiences belief systems through the power of content.

Imagine that you have a site promoting a product, up to now you've been relying on your sales copy to PERSUADE people to buy.  With Sphere of Influence you be able to INFLUENCE them change their beliefs and lead them to the best solution for them.

Once you have completed Sphere Of Influence you'll be able to:

  • Sow the seed of an idea
  • Reshape your readers beliefs
  • Reframe their thoughts
  • Allow them to arrive at the conclusion that your offer is the perfect solution.

You may think this sounds like mumbo jumbo or black magic but it works…

Like gangbusters!

That screenshot is from a promotion Andre did for a $997 product to just 187 people.  He simply drove them to an SOI style presell page and the page did the rest.

Imagine the effect of being able to do this?

How would that increase you income or improve your lifestyle?

Want an Example of a SOI Type Site?

If you'd like an example of a Sphere of Influence style presell site then check out the Site that Andre has set up for SOI. It's really an example of the master at work, something to strive for over time rather than something to build right from the start.

Check out Sphere of Influence Here

If you want to sum up SOI in one quote it can be this one by Peter Drucker,  This is EXACTLY what SOI sets out to achieve, making selling surplus to requirements.  After all if you show people that what you offer is a perfect fit for the needs and desires you won't need to sell.

What's the Difference Between Sphere of Influence and Autoresponder Madness

Sphere of Influence focuses of the front end of your Funnel, where you clients first encounter you. Autoresponder Madness deal with the back end of your funnel where you use your skills to engage with your subscribers while they address totally different parts of your funnel they are complimentary.

This Diagram perfectly illustrates how both programs fit together

Andre Chaperons Sphere Of Influence

Jedi Mind Tricks Or Just Great Marketing?

By now you can be forgiven for thinking that Sphere of Influence is too good to be true, I can assure you it's not.  This is the way that every marketer should be marketing whether you are creating your own products or selling affiliate products.

Marketing is changing, remember a few year's ago there was a whole series of product launches all promoted by the same people, one after the other, “you promote me I'll promote you.”

That stopped as people got tired of it.

The same is now true of the “Launch Calendar”  where people schedule launches months in advance and release product after product with no intention of creating a long term product or long term income from a product.

Sphere of Influence is the Answer to this type of marketing. Imaging being able to create a site that generated income day after day, week after week month after month year after year.

If you look at Andre's history you'll know that Sphere of Influence is here for the long term. Autoresponder Madness was released 9 years ago and is still updated and tweaked, if you bought it in the past you still have access to it.
The same applies to Sphere Of Influence originally launched in March 2017 it's still being updated now.

The latest updates being all about how to generate the traffic you need to build your income.

What's In Sphere of Influence?

Sphere of Influence consists of several modules that cover everything you need to know to implement these strategies.

The training takes you from the basics you need to know right the way through to creating your sites and driving traffic to them.

Just to reiterate you have everything included even as far as tracking results and ensuring that you get all the data you need to grow your business.

Want a sneak peek inside??

Want a Sphere Of Influence Bonus?

How would you like an hour's free consult where we can plan your first SOI campaign?

To claim your Bonus simply purchase through any link of this page then send the details to:  (remove the spaces)

support @

I'll then schedule a call with you.

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  1. Tim Tana on July 15, 2018 at 9:54 am

    For now, I’m consider between SOI and E5 C.A.M.P. because these two course focus at the same area (customer acquisition). What do you think? Which course will you choose?

    • Mark on July 16, 2018 at 12:25 pm

      I have both and for day to day stuff I think SOI is a great choice

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