The Best Advice My Grandpa Ever Gave Me

The Best Advice My Grandpa Ever Gave Me

How do you view your online business?

Are they a source of joy or frustration?

Do you jump out of bed in the morning itching to get to the PC or do you lay there with a sense of dread?

If you work full time, do you find yourself wishing you were at home working on another project? Or do you try finding work related things to keep you away from internet marketing?

Most importantly, do you actually have a plan that you are sticking to?

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Or do you just go from idea to idea without a proper plan, careering around like a motorboat without driver.

Do yourself a favour, stop working right now and start writing a plan of how you are going to generate a series of income streams that will earn you regular, repeatable income.

Write a plan and stick to it. Amend it when necessary but always have a plan…“that way be success!”

I lived with my grandfather for a few months when I was 10. I used to love spending time in his shed where he had all sorts tools and woodworking stuff.

He’d often give me a piece of wood to work on and being a bit of a dreamer, I used to spend ages at his lathe just looking at it, working out what I could make out of it.

After a while he’d tap me on the shoulder and say…

“Boy, just piss or get off the pot.”

I’ve never forgotten those words of advice (well I think it was advice!). Every time I am thinking too hard about doing something and not taking action, I hear him whisper those words in my ear.

Cheers Gramps!

A few years ago, I interviewed Ryan Magin who you probably won’t have heard of, which just goes to prove some of the best marketers are below the radar.

Ryan was doing very nicely with 100+ sites selling the top ranking Clickbank products when Google killed his business overnight.

Did he sit around feeling sorry for himself? No way.

He got back up and built a list of 8,000 people that he pretty much burned out by promoting stuff everyday… after all he had to pay the rent!

Did he let that hold him back?? No way.

Ryan has mastered email marketing, I mean really mastered it. He took it to a level that most will never achieve. As a result, he realised that just because a guy is on a list to learn about building muscle doesn’t mean he doesn’t have other needs.

Ryan sees links between different products and educates his lists about them. A guy who gets fit probably also needs some confidence. Furthermore, when he has confidence, he'll need to learn how to dress well, etc.

Talk about lifetime value!

The moral of this post is simple: take action. Make my gramps proud and piss or get off the pot!

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