The Truth About Blog Income How Does $100,000 A Year Sound?

The Truth About Blog Income

Disclaimer: Below are the steps I've taken to build an income from blogging. It takes work and results will vary. Don't expect your site to start generating a good income from the outset, following the outline below you will give you every chance of succeeding.

Before I say anything, let me give you this disclaimer:

You probably already know all this, the only thing holding you back is your brain!

That nasty little asshole between your ears will give you loads of reasons why you won’t succeed.

So the first thing you need to do is tell it to shut up!

Seriously, don’t listen to your brain with its abundance of self limiting beliefs.

Making money blogging is relatively easy and the only reason everyone isn't doing it is because they don't believe they can.

I only started to make a full time income online when I had no other choice. My bank account was almost empty and I had no other possibility of a full-time job. Up until then, I had found lots of excuses not to take action.

Step out of your comfort zone and you'll be amazed what can happen.

Below is just 1 of my funnels … $42 short of my $100K target, B- must try harder!

It doesn’t include affiliate sales, Clickbank sales, coaching, or income from several of my niche sites.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 18.12.00

To build a blog capable of generating a good income just follow these 5 easy steps. After you have made that first business work, you can move onto a second and third income.

Now before you say “But Mark you know what you are doing” … I didn’t always. I couldn’t even build a blog when I started and I didn’t know what FTP was or how to do it (can't remember the last time I used it).

Most of you reading this are better prepared for online marketing than I was.

Step 1: It's Not About The Niche

Your first step is to find a product aimed at “enthusiasts.”

Notice I didn’t say find a niche?

Find a product that fulfils a need. I don’t care what it is so long as it will help people realise they want it and they need it.

It can be digital or physical, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve often told the story of how when I was racing motorcycles, I wouldn’t think twice about spending $400/£300 on lightweight footrests or a carbon fibre seat unit that might shave a few grams off the weight of the bike and therefore help me shave a fraction of a second off my lap times.
I would have actually saved more weight by not drinking coffee that morning or eating that bacon sandwich before the race.

Think about any of your friends who have hobbies, they’ll buy lots of stuff they don’t need … just because. These are the type of people you should target, they have something they are enthusiastic about and they have disposable income.

I’m a golfer, you wouldn’t believe the crap that I buy because it might just help me play better.

I have bits of plastic, mats, electronic equipment, gloves, straps, canes … I could go on for hours… I'm sure you get the idea.

Look For Something That Enthusiasts Will Buy

It’s not the niche, it’s not the product, it’s the enthusiasts that you need to look for.

Try to find a  product that has a story behind it. A fishing lure that a guy invented because he wasn't catching fish. A coaching method that was handed down from a guy's grandpa. You need something you can hang a story on. A method that took you from broke to driving a supercar.

Find the story and you've found the sales.
A footrest designed to help average riders go faster due to its radical shape and testing is a story I would have bought into when I was racing. Do a search for “Iron Byron” and read the copy for swing machine golf … that's a story I bought into along with thousands of others.

Summary: Find a Product For Enthusiasts With a Great Story

Step 2: Plan Your Channels

Plan your channels is just a way of saying, get yourself a blog, Twitter account, Facebook page and a Youtube channel etc.

Once you have them, you are going to have to create content to fill them up.

SHUT UP BRAIN … That's for those of you who just thought, “I can’t write content” or, “this sounds too hard!”
It's not you. You just have to sit down and commit to creating content, it will come.

(This post was partly written on my phone when my wife was shopping, and partly while sitting in a bar waiting for a friend, and finally refined and put together on my iPad while watching TV.)

No content that you create should ever stand alone. This article you are reading now will also be repurposed as an email and maybe a video. You might have come to this blog post from social media, a Tweet or Facebook newsfeed item. I'll have 3 different tweets going out about it at various times each day and it will be posted to several FB pages over the coming weeks.

Your content should both entertain and inform. Once again, never overlook the power of weaving a story and including pop culture references in your content.

As well as great content, you want some viral content, the stuff that enthusiasts will share. Try headlines like: 5 Amazing Touchdowns, or Can You Believe he Landed This Fish?, etc. and you'll be amazed at how much free traffic a good viral article can generate.

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Step 3: Let's Drive Traffic …

Are you prepared to spend $1 to make $2? Some people have a pathological fear of spending money on advertising. Don’t let that be you.

By all means, start with free traffic. I’ll probably be getting at least 50 or so visitors a day to this article via free traffic.

I’ll probably also be getting 200 or so from paid traffic.

Paid traffic is fun and it’s profitable if you put the right ad in front of the right people.

A lot of people spend money on traffic as a one time thing, don’t do that! I'd much rather pay for traffic in the knowledge that I can get that traffic to return to my site time after time .

Step 4: Build a List

You must, must, must build a list.

However, always keep the following in mind: lists aren’t there to be abused and emailed with with every single product and affiliate offer you can find … NO!

Nurture your list, take time to let your list get to know you, show them your best content and hold off on the urge to sell to them too soon.

Once again, just like in your content, entertain and inform in your emails.

A list can provide you with an online income for years to come if you treat them right. I still have people on my list who joined 6 years ago. That doesn't happen if you don't treat your subscribers like you treat your friends.

Step 5:  Do The Math And Scale, Baby, Scale

The secret to building a $100K business is to learn how to scale your initial business.

A $29 sale is great. Two $29 sales are better. Ten $29 sales every day is over $100K a year.

Jay Abraham teaches that there are ONLY 3 ways to scale your business.

1. Increase the Number Of Customers

2. Increase the Average Transaction Value

3. Increase the Frequency of Repurchase

So those ten $29 sales could just as easily be three $97 sales. Or if you add a recurring subscription model, that $29 suddenly becomes $87 or $174 per person depending on how long they stay subscribed.

The math gets even better when you look at conversion rates.

If the product you are offering sells for $55 and has a conversion rate of 2%,  that's $110 for every 100 visitors.

300 visitors a day is $330. Boom, you've got your $100K!

Even at 1%, you are only looking at 600 visitors. Thirty pieces of content getting 20 visitors a day and once again, $100K is yours.

Do you think you can get 20 visitors to an article every day?

Over the next year could you write 30 articles?

Do you think you could write a call to action that converts 1% of people?

If you answered yes, welcome to a $100K blog income.

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    I like the way you write and the info you share. Just found you today and this is the 5th or 6th article I’ve read. Helpful stuff. Thanks!

    • Mark on September 23, 2016 at 1:02 pm

      Thanks Sean

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