Thrivecart Learn & Learn+ – The Perfect Way To Build Your Online Business?

Over the last ten years, there has been considerable growth in people learning new skills online. Since the outbreak of Covid 19, more and more people have been turning to online learning.

It isn’t only students who have relied on being able to access their studies online. These days, many people are looking to make extra money who search for courses online to help them achieve their goals.

Why Has Online Learning Become So Popular?

The main reason why online learning has become increasingly popular is convenience and cost. Not only are you able to access the courses at a time that suits you. But you’ll also find that they tend to cost less than if you were to undertake them in the usual way.

As a result of online learning becoming so popular, many programs are now available that will allow you to create your online course if you so wish. In this article, we are specifically going to be taking a look at the Thrivecart Learn Course Platform.

What Is Thrivecart Learn?

Thrivecart is one of the most popular of all online shopping cart programs available. Not only does it allow you to create high converting checkout pages, but it also allows you to collect payments.

This tool isn’t just helpful in selling digital products but also physical ones as well.

Not only does this tool allow you the opportunity to collect leads and make sales. It also provides you with the opportunity to create pages to qualify for up sales and offers that will further maximise your sales. Furthermore, it can give you the chance to make subscription plans and place your customers in categories based on their membership.

Thrivecart has proven effective for those selling other people’s courses as an affiliate or their own. But how would you feel if you had the opportunity to create your courses within Thrivecart now? Well, you can through using the Thrivecart Learn course platform.

Why Thrivecart Learn Is Such A Useful Course Platform Tool

Learn is a powerful, flexible course platform that you can access for free if you already have chosen to sign up for Thrivecart.

Through this platform, you can quickly sell your training and content to your customers. You do this through the Learns flexible courses that you can make up of as many modules or lessons as you like.

As you’ll find, it allows you a wide range of powerful drip feed options you can use. This will enable you to customise how your course content gets delivered to your customers (students).

As well as Thrivecart Learn, which is included for free as part of your Thrivecart account. There is a second version of this course platform you can use. This is known as Learn+. But you will have to pay extra if you would like access to this version. It is worth considering if you intend to create quite a few courses as it comes with some more powerful features that don’t come with the original Learn platform.
However, both of these platforms allow you to create as many courses, modules and lessons as you like. As well as allowing unlimited numbers of students access to them.


Thrivecart Learn is included for free with your current Thivecart account. Currently, Thrivecart is available as a one time purchase with no ongoing monthly fees, this free's you up from ongoing payments. Learn+ is available for a one-time fee of $197.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider using Thrivecart Learn or Learn+ to create your online courses.

Great Project & Course Management

Each course you create using this platform allows you to keep everything in one place, known as projects. Only you will have access to this area and ensure that everything you create is well organised.

Not only does this platform allow you the opportunity to create as many projects as you like. It also allows you to create as many courses as well. Plus, you can easily clone the courses you make. Plus, if you want, you can quickly move them between the projects you’ve created, so keeping everything organised is easy.

The course area is highly editable and can be easily changed to match your brand. The drag and drop editor makes getting a user-friendly course simple.

Thrivecart Learn

Provides Instant Or Drip Feed Access To Course Content

Both Learn, and Learn+ allow you to decide in which way the content of your courses gets delivered to your students.

You can either provide them with instant access to everything as soon as the students have paid for it, or you can drip feed it to them using several different methods.

If you want, you can choose to use a combination of both of these as part of your courses. This means you can provide access to different modules or lessons at other times or using different methods.

The methods that you can use for drip-feeding purposes include,

· Allowing you to release lessons or modules each day, week, month or year after the course has been purchased.

· Allows you to release lessons or modules on a specific day each month.

· Allows you to release lessons or modules after a trial period.

· Allows you to release lessons or modules after specific rebills.

As you can see above these platforms, provide you with a tremendous amount of flexibility in how your content gets delivered to your students.


This doesn’t happen instantly when you add new course content and then publish it to go live. It will take time (around 5 minutes) to ensure that the course is updated for all students to have access to it then. As soon as you publish it, any applicable behaviour rules or sequences get triggered.

Offers Workflow Best Practices

Most people, when creating courses, will have everything already planned out. They will have the content for the courses written out and saved, ready to create the actual course then.

The great thing is both these course platforms allow you to copy content from any document in which you’ve written your course initially. You simply copy the content into the lesson editor of Learn or Learn+ and save it as a draft or publish it.

If you intend to use the same layout for the lesson, you create the first one and save it as a draft. Then simply clone it to make the rest of the lessons for the course from. So ensuring that each of the lessons has the same look and layout.

Bundles – Great Way To Sell Multiple Courses At Once

This particular feature is only available if you have decided to invest in the Learn+ Account.

Suppose you have several courses that you would like to sell to your customers as one project you can easily do this. You simply create a bundle of the courses and then set up your product fulfilment, so it adds any customers to this bundle.

Once a customer purchases the bundle, this gets added to their account, and they have access to everything you’ve included in it.

Also, if you add any more courses to the bundle, Learn+ will provide those who originally accessed the bundle. So allows you the opportunity to sell “master collections” of any courses you create and will enable students easy access to any courses you produce in the future.

Video And Audio Integration

At this time, any videos you wish to include in your courses need to be embedded from a video host. The kinds of video hosting services that both the Learn and Learn+ platforms allow you to use include YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo.

When it comes to audio integration, these platforms allow you to do this by simply adding HTML embed code in your courses, which means that you can share externally hosted audio files within your course lessons.

Student Area

Within this area, you can quickly review and manage the various students enrolled in your courses.

If you need to, you can conduct searches for a specific student via their name, email address, the course on which they’ve enrolled, and even the date they registered. These programs even allow you to filter by students status or by event applied tags. But note that only tags are available if you are using Learn+.

Having access to view a student profile provides you with further options to pause, disable, or unenroll students from courses. Meaning you can limit the access students do have to your courses.

With Thrivecart Learn+, you can import students into your courses. Any students that do get imported will automatically be sent an email to verify their address and to enable them to set their password.

Thrivecart Learn+ – Team Members Feature

This allows you to add staff and assistants to your account. You can provide them with specific permissions that enable them to manage your projects and courses and your students.

Several different permissions are available, so you can decide just how much access you provide your staff with. Plus, you also can limit which projects they have access to.

How Easy Is It To Add Customers To Courses?

Adding students and customers to courses is handled the same way as you would with any other membership platform. You do this using the product fulfilment tab.

But here, you can choose which courses or bundles that the customer has access to. You can do this by looking at what pricing option they’ve chosen or if they’ve chosen the bump off feature at the checkout stage. As for any upsales, these get handled in the funnel settings.

Can You Preview The Course Area?

You can set up the product in test mode if you want to see how your course will look to your customers. It also allows you to view your course in the future if you decide to make any changes. The preview function is a little bit weird at the moment but that will change soon with a dedicated preview button that doesn't require you to register yourself as a course member.

How Do Students Get Access To The Courses And Content?

Thrivecart Learn will provide the students with a link that will allow them to access the course then. Once they click on this, they then see a registration form that they need to complete. They complete it by entering a password of their own choice. Their actual name or email address will already appear in this form and is based on their information when they purchased the course.

As well as the convenience and cost, more people are turning to online learning as it provides them with a better way to learn a new skill. Anyone serious about improving or learning new skills will be keen to enrol in courses they know will help them. With Thrivecart Learn and Learn+, you can easily access those interested in learning about what you have to offer.

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