What Does Eating on an Airplane Have to Do with Online Marketing?

What Has Eating An Aircraft Got To Do With Online Marketing?

In 1978, Michel Lotito started to eat a Cessna 150. By 1980, he’d finished his “meal” and had eaten the complete aircraft.

Now you are probably asking yourself what has that got to do with internet marketing and the ability to make money online? Actually quite a lot, so stick with me a bit longer and I’ll explain.

First off, I want you to answer a simple question. I’ll even give you 2 possible answers..

If you wanted to become the President of the United States (or wherever you live), what would you need to do?

Here are 2 choices:

Option 1: Write out a note saying “be president of the United States” and stick it on your monitor.

Option 2: Sit down for a few days and create a step by step plan about how to be the President of the United States. Starting off with something small like becoming member of the local school board, then moving on to local mayor, then a state office, then running for governor, etc…

The thing is, many people set targets and goals throughout the year unfortunately they almost always solely consist of option 1.

They should instead consist of a detailed, step by step plan.

There is no point in setting goals if you have no plan about how to achieve it. In the example above, by setting your first step of joining a school board, you have a very achievable target that will then lead you on to other steps in your plan.

You know where to start and what you can do… you can even break it down into smaller steps.

  • Speak to the head of the school board about how I join.


  • Speak to other parents about supporting me if I run for the school board.

Once again, we can break these steps down further.

  • Find the contact details for the head of the school board.


  • Speak to John’s parents on Friday at the football game.

The more you break down your goals into easily achievable steps, the more success you will have.

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I’ve used the example about being the president but I could just have easily set the main goal as earn $100,000 or generate $20,000 a month from your blog. It’s just about breaking the goal down into achievable steps over a given period of time.

This is where we get back to our Cessna devouring friend. If he had decided to eat an airplane without planning how to do it, he would never have got past the first few days.

Instead he sat down and worked out that if he ate 1 or 2 pounds of metal every day, he could finish the job in 2 years. You see with a simple step by step plan anything is achievable.

Where most people fail is the planning stage.

Content + Monetization + Traffic = A Money Making Site

The way to succeed quickly is even easier.

Planning & Focus & Discipline.

Plan what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Focus on the tasks that will make you money.

Be disciplined and do those tasks every day.

Now go and make a plan. Stick to it and in 12 months time, you’ll be in a very different place !

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