Writerzen – Hands On Review By A Frase User

Welcome to this Writerzen Review. I really sat on the fence about buying this because I've already got Frase, plus I've got some other writing tools. I just wasn't sure, if I actually needed it.

Once I bought it I really liked it. It actually compliments tools like Frase and the other tools that I've got.

What Is WriterZen?

Writerzen is a content writing tool that will help you write content from scratch. It will help get rid of writer's block by providing you with content ideas while at the same time replacing some SEO Tools and content analysis tools. The data it uses is pulled from Google and what looks to be Ahrefs.

Writerzen comprises 3 main tools and some smaller ones such as a plagiarism checker.

The 3 main tools are:

Keyword Tool

A content Creator tool/Content Creator Wizard

A Keyword Analysis Tool

Almost all you need to create rich content in one place.

It is currently available via a lifetime deal on Appsumo (details below)

Writerzen Dashboard

Writerzen Review

When you log into the dashboard you can see, 3 areas:
Topic Discovery, Content Creation, and Keywords these 3 areas are also reflected in the sidebar.
In addition to these, you'll have access to help and feedback area plus some information about your account.

Topic Discovery

Writerzen Review - Topic Discovery

In Writerzen the topic discovery area allows you to deep dive into the topic and find multiple topics which you can cover in your content. Each card then expands to show the top ranking content for those topics. Very useful for analysing your competitors

Writerzen - topic discovery

 By now you should have an idea where your proposed article is heading so now it's time to head over to the content creation area and plan your content.

Writerzen – Content Creator

The content creation area consists of 3 main areas: Outline, Keywords to use and the Writing area.


Writerzen Content creation outline

This is where you prepare what you want to be included in the article you'll be given a guide to the number of words, paragraphs, headings, and Images you should include. All of these can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences.
You'll also be able to see what the top-ranking content is and the number of words they use.


Writerzen Keywords

The next step is to prepare a list of keywords to include. Generally, if you write a good long-form article you should cover the topics that include the keywords. This is a good way to ensure that you've covered all the topics google expects.

This section is the most similar to Frase, personally, I prefer Frase for this start BUT I think I could quickly start to feel at home in Writerzen.

Finally, In this section, we get a chance to write our content

Content Writing

 Now we get to the main purpose of Writerzen, to create great content that gets ranked in Google. It's time to write our content.

I quite like the writing area of Writerzen, it's relatively minimalist so that you can focus on the process of creating your content.  The only distractions are in the right-hand sidebar where you'll find your targets, your outline (if you've set it up!) your keywords, and a running score in this case “E”  I must try to get that to an A!.

One thing I really like is the inclusion of a plagiarism checker at the bottom of the page, that's a nice touch and means I don't need to visit Copyscape after I've finished writing.

Writerzen Keyword Explorer

I really have no idea why Writerzen have placed the keyword explorer below below the content creator, surely it would make sense to be above it? I have one more gripe about the keyword explorer that I'll get to in a minute!

The keyword explorer is broken into several parts all aimed at helping you to find great keywords for your content.

You'll find the search volume,  CPC (WHY??)  keyword ideas and an indication of the total search volume if you include all the words.

Below is the Keyword insights area where you have access to even more data.

Keyword data Insights and Topic Clusters before we go any further this is probably time to cover my biggest gripe and my biggest like.

Biggest gripe: I don't need CPC data I'd much prefer it that real estate was used to indicate my chances of ranking with these keywords.

Biggest Like:  I could probably replace more expensive tools like Ahrefs with Writerzen.

Keyword Data

As you can see above the keyword data section does what it says on the tin… gives you the keyword data. You can also see the trending data at a glance which is useful if you are writing about topics that may decline in interest.

The next 2 sections have been a bit of a disappointment so far for me simply because the topics I've been writing about have very little need for them and don't have any insights or many keyword clusters.


The insights tab should give you some idea of what people want to know based on the topic you've chosen so far it's not inspired much confidence. I get far better data from Frase which will provide me with a lot of questions that people are asking.


The final section we'll cover is clusters, this could be a really useful feature it pulls the keywords that rank in Google on the back of the main keywords youve chosen. Above you can see that “Activecampaign review” has 16 clustered keywords for a total of 650 searches a month.  What this means is that A”ctivecampaign review “will be shown for the 16 keywords in that cluster.

This is nice to know but shouldn't impact on your writing, it takes quite a while for the data to be retrieved so at the moment I'll probably ignore it.


Writerzen Pricing

Before you dive into Writerzen be sure to check Appsumo where you may find a very generous Writerzen lifetime deal that includes:

Writerzen Lifetime deal Pricing
You'll find a 7 day free trial on the site and then very competitive monthly or annual pricing.


I spent a few weeks on the fence before getting Wrtierzen as I already have Frase and use it daily. I feel that that time was wasted it's an excellent tool that complements Frase and other tools like MarketMuse and even some AI writing tools.

Since I first wrote about how to build a blog on this site things have come on in leaps and bounds and I believe they will continue to improve with the addition of tools like Writerzen, Conversion.ai  ShortlyAI and Frase

I strongly recommend it, especially if you can get the lifetime deal

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